Why Gergory Mannarino is wrong about Donald Trump

in #trump4 years ago (edited)

I appreciate the work of Gregory Mannarino a lot and I learned a ton of him. Nevertheless I try to find also ambiguities on top dogs.

Gergory Mannarino told recently Trump is doing exactly the same like Obama. He is just a puppet of the elites. Trump is talking the stock market up. The economy is fantastic. The unemployment rate is the lowest. It's true, it's the same language but essentially it's completely different and I try to explain why. Trump is not a puppet, he has another intention and he has a plan. Obama didn't. In my opinion Trump has no other choice at the moment. If he would tell the truth there would be chaos. A couple of weeks ago I started to realize the Dollar will be the first who wins the race to the bottom. Before I thought the Euro will first go down. @stehaller had exactly the same enlightenment. Yesterday I had another enlightenment. So far I had no clue how this will play out. There are many triggers who could start the avalanche. Now I'm quite sure to know what the plan of Trump is. And this is giving me also a clue how the upheaval could start and how it could look like. Trump gets underestimated a lot in this sense. He knows exactly the bond problem. His goals are creating lots of jobs and prosperity and to keep the stock market up. His goal is not to have a strong Dollar. His goal is not to keep the bond bubble up. His goal is not to keep the housing-, student loan- and car loan bubble up. His goal is not to maintain the Petrodollar. I’m convinced he knows the Petrodollar is lost. The biggest problem for him is the bond bubble. He did a massive tax cut. He wants to spend money to build bridges, hospitals, the wall and infrastructure in general the same time. By doing that, the huge amount of printed dollars of the last years will start to circulate. The velocity of money will heat up. The Fed tried to create inflation the last years to deflate the debt down. But there was no inflation because the money didn’t circulate. Trump brings the optimism with tax cut and building infrastructure. Trump did an excellent job in Davos Switzerland. Big companies from all the world will invest billions in America. Trump is an excellent salesman. Steven Mnuchin is hopefully a good Treasury Secretary but he is definitively a very bad salesman. He told about “strong” to “stable” Dollar. I’m 100% convinced the “stable” Dollar thing is a direct order from Trump. But Trump never would say this publicly. As a great salesman he focuses the mass to the positive things. Jobs, jobs and jobs. So it’s clear to me, Trump does everything to bring the economy up. Tax cut, the same time spend a huge amount of money to stimulate the economy, bringing companies back to USA. For this he will sacrifice the Dollar. There is no way around. He will devaluate the Dollar as fast as possible to make the bond bubble disappear. The interest rate will spike to the high teens or even more. The bond bubble will burst, the housing bubble will burst, the student loan bubble will burst and the car loan bubble will burst. But the stock market bubble will just part-burst in nominal terms. In Dollar terms the stock market will skyrocketing. Trump wants a boom, and this boom will start the velocity of money and consequently will devalue the Dollar massively. This will start the doom in the boom. So we will have boom and doom the same time. The stock market will reflect this. Many companies will die, so this stocks will disappear but many companies will flourish so this stocks will go up and many companies will be created. Mass of people will lose their jobs but many new jobs will be created. There are 2 people who see the future exactly like this. One is Clif High and the other is Mark Taylor from usawatchdog.com. When I see now what Donald Trump is doing, I think this 2 guys are right. At least Trump would like it exactly to happen like this. He knows the bond- and housing bubble have to burst to prosper again. It’s difficult to believe a boom and doom the same time because it never happened in history like this. In Weimarer Republik there was first the doom for many years and then the boom. But this time we have 2 things who are different. The first is Donald Trump. If there is one person on this planet who could achieve this, it is Donald Trump. The second thing is the Cryptospace. This time people can deal and trade among themselves with Cryptos. They won’t be lost. Never in history this was possible. I think Mark Taylor is right, we are on the precipice and Donald Trump will throw the stone to the bond bubble the coming months. If the debt is away there could grow a very strong economy and consequently the new Dollar will be very strong. As Greg Mannarino is telling, be your own central bank, bet against the debt, buy gold and silver and some Crypto’s. And as Greg Hunter use to tell, fear not, prepare yourself mentally, physically, above all spiritually, fear not, god the father and the son Jesus Christ are firmly in control.

Tell me your opinion about the aims of Trump.


@mafsteem agree with you that his goal is not to keep the bond bubble. His goal is not to keep housing, student loans and car loan bubble up. His goal is not to maintain Petrodollar.However, you should leave the ball at the Trump Stadium because it is a good person in my opinion

@venox...sure he is a good person. He does exactly the right thing.

I am also sure. Despite all the pressures he faces, he is still a good man

@venox...I was not sure if he survives the first year. Now I see he gets stronger and stronger and the others weaker. He will make big progress in 2018.

@mafsteem People who suffer in the first are always the strongest and the best, not Trump alone, but in several areas


@mafsteem Yeah. thank you for that post ♥ keep going

@mafsteem I want to ask you why my comment fell to the last position even though I was the first to comment

@venox...I gave you just 10% but I corrected it now. You deserved 100%. The ranking depends on the amount. You're the second now.

I like your reasons to believe in Trump.
Since finding out Trumps uncle was in charge of CIA when tesla died and storage lockered everything then many years later showed the contents and information with Donald.
Also; What about the book with Baron Trump and the time machine? written back in the 1800's?

@healthiswealth...I will study the thing with CIA.




You have very good knowledge
After reading this...
I think that trump is doing good work

@markzuckerbergs...he does.

yes I read your post your writing is very important to have true thank you

Excellent article @mafsteem! I completely agree, as the successful businessman Donald Trump is, he knows, that he can't achieve all his goals at once and that he has to make some sacrifice to achieve his goal. Unlike the other politicians he has learned to think and plan long term. Similar to Putin in my opinion. Other politicians plan only until the next election. The only question is, will the leaders of Europe and China figure out his plans and try to devalue their currency faster?

@stehaller...I wrote the article in the view of Trump. Maybe China or Japan will be faster but Europe for sure not. The money for the infrastructure has to be approved from the house of Parliament. This may last. If Trump is able to push this through he will be the fastest. This will start the velocity of the money because everybody starts to believe the boom is coming.

@mafsteem...You are absolutely right! The infrastructure program is crucial. If he succeeds this will secure him the reelection. Europe is doomed anyway, all the money we have will be spent on the ever growing welfare state and on refugees. In the end the euro and the dollar will be dead, but the US will have a perfectly new infrastructure, which will help them to resurrect as the only economic super power after the next big economic crisis.

@stehaller...at the moment everything looks like this. Strange that we can see this now. 1 month ago I couldn't see it. The only thing Trump is fearing, he is too slow. So he tries to push all this very fast. This year could get very interesting.

To tell you the truth, I do not know. I do not see these kinds of discourse very often about Trump. Everyone writes that he is talking to him. I have respect for your ideas. If you wrote something and you said that you did a deep research for it. My ideas were negative. But make me suspicious. I'm wrong, am I wrong? Your sayings and your opinions make sense to me. I do not think Trump is an empty person. I just do not like politics. Trump has a certain history and accumulation. You say you use them for dollars. I hope you are right and we all win. The economy needs to keep up. I hope it works. Davosta really did a great job. I personally liked their attitude and attitudes there. An American president has done everything he has to do. I can not thank you enough for Davos.

In short, you have confused my mind. As I said, I hope you are right. At the end of this call, we all win. I @mafstee

@darksea...it is just my view at the moment. Maybe I get here some responses who are changing my mind.

@ mafsteem... Dr. Trump was appointed Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fitzgerald resigned after being suggested to be a shareholder in tobacco companies.

For example, this shows me that politics is wrong. It's just such a task that leads to the poisoning of people with a hand just because there is support. This is the case today. The resignation took place these days.

very informative article...we should appreciate the good work,,,, by president of united states... ..

@kartiksingh...we shoud yes.

Thank you for sharing @mafsteem .Trump’s first year in office has been revelatory, showing everyone who is paying attention what his policies can do to spur the American economy. But the best is yet to come.We still have at least three more years, and hopefully as many as seven, to enjoy the fruits of the president’s labor: a resurgent economy that will create new jobs, higher wages and unprecedented prosperity for all Americans..

@beyfendi...it's unbelievable what he achieved in this year when you consider the MSM and the Elite. The only thing he coulnd't was Obamacare. But this he will do after the next elections.

President Trump’s stature is only growing in the eyes of the people responsible for American job creation and wage growth.
No matter what spin the media put on the first year of the new administration, the numbers don’t lie. What began as a Trump rally in November 2016 has turned into the Great American Economic Renaissance. @mafsteem

And your opinion so truth and wonderful... @mafsteem


Hey @mafsteem ! Sbd and steem so lowly..Whats your opinion ?

trump is doing good work and good person in my opinion @mafsteem


@mafsteem Thank you very much for the work I do. I always follow you ✌🏻

Personally I don't like polytics. Just read out your post. I think Trump is doing good work better than others.

@emma28...he does.

@mafsteem....I agree with you. Trump is good working. The moves he made for BTC was very accurate. this has corrected the economy

@aquia10...that's true.

woww. Hey @mafstem This is your first post. I congratulate you 😊

@slayer10...I tried it once. Maybe there will be an other post one day.

so it works nicely
written in the summer
there is no problem so continue to work like this
is not it ? I @mafsteem

@manguard...it is.

You have given a detailed analysis which is very true.

Whatever Trump is gonna do in the end it will benefit the people of the USA. I think he is the guy with revolutionary thinking and vision many are unable to understand. He is true to his people to make his country more prosperous and more powerful.

For this a little sacrifices will have to be made. But Trump is true patriot doing what is right and necessary for the country in the long term.

@cheema1...there is no way around this sacrifices.

Yeah, you are absolutely right in your assessment. I agree with your opinion.

But about sacrifices what I meant was; bond, housing, student loan and car loan bubble which are prone to burst in future.

@mafsteem in my opinion Trump aims for national unity but leaves America as divided as ever Nearly 60 percent of the country believes it is headed in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, the continued downward slope of unemployment has not made our politics any less acrid

@davinshi...You have an other perspective.

@mafsteem Yeah I suggest he is doing a better job , The average American knows that and thats why they voted for him..

What do I say about Donald Trump? In my opinion he is a madman. He was able to do the right thing? His president's life was in vain. He is making such wrong decisions that will destroy the United States.

@rimon24...You have an other perspective. That's ok.

I am with you on every point. Your each and every word is really very true about Trump. He is really a great Personality and doing an excellent work. I really appreciate your thoughts and opinions.
Thanks for sharing this great and informative article @mafsteem.

Yes @mafsteem I'm also having the same point and really you have raised this issue in a good way ....Surely trump is also a good president just like obama but people are just backbitching him !!

well i think i am late for this post but i really wann talk i mean trump is good at cartain thing and he is wrong is few thing .. i can dscuss this with you

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