Mere-Exposure Effect: How Trump Became Significant

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*Conceptual Credit: Adam Ruins Everything

The Mere-Exposure Effect is a psychological phenomenon where the more something, someone, or somewhere is exposed, the more likely it is to be liked. This particularly plays well when striking the emotion of fear. When GOP candidates work with Sinclair Advertising to feature fear mongering news, it shoves the nation into a fearful corner seeking for a solution to the fears. This solution comes in the form of how much a candidate is exposed and how much the candidate gets portrayed as the underdog or hero in the political narrative.

This bodes particularly well for fundamentalists because their world is shaped in the manner their eyes perceive and when they view life through a Christian-based, specifically scripture-based, lens, it especially drives power behind the words when comparing it to the events that occur. When technology is reflective of the predictions forbode in Scripture, fear of the continued validation of predictions drives decisions that reflect the prediction.

This is easily summarized in the notion of if you say it enough times, it will happen and explains the importance of understanding Art as the Dadaist understanding of What is art? Art IS technology, art creates technology. Art predicts technology. Art is the expression of dreams; dreams are expressions of desires; higher demand for desires creates supply: the spork is created because art demanded it; art demanded it because people dreamed of a day where forks and spoons came together.

Sinclair advertisers based sales off fear mongering; if you are afraid that "liberals" will ruin the country by allowing Muslims to enter and "wear a hijab bathing suit" as literally characterized as Terrorism Alert Desk. This emotional striking causes decisions to prefer the "outsider" over the "insider" for individuals that haven't understood the difficulties of appropriately forming political decisions that benefit all constituents.


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