Partisanship and allegiance.

in trump •  4 months ago


Just so we're clear, if an anonymous source in the Obama Administration had leaked the existence of his unconscionable mass-surveillance regime, the Democrats would have called for blood and the person would have been rooted out and charged with espionage.

If a Yemeni journalist had uncovered that Obama was conducting air strikes on Yemeni villages and that the Yemeni regime was covering it up, Democrats would have had that reporter tried on false terrorism charges and imprisoned.

I think it's really, really important that we not lose sight of the role that partisanship plays in influencing our principles.

Trump isn't going to be president forever, and someday the "resistance" is going to have to choose between the principles they're signalling now and their partisan allegiance. Lives depend on their answer to that challenge.

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There are so many double standards going around, it's sad :(