Don't grass and be 'brought to justice'

in trump •  6 months ago

"If you see something, say something" has always been a doubtful public policy.

It generates massive numbers of false positives and encourages untrained private citizens - citizens who have little idea what an actual threat even looks like - to form unfounded suspicions of their neighbours. These suspicions are often based on nothing more than racial prejudice or just sheer personal dislike. Suspicion is apt to breed suspicion, and we all increasingly use the government as a weapon against one another. "If you see something, say something" is an enemy of civil society.

And... under a Trump administration, this policy will be made compulsory:

We are more alike to North Korea than we might think. I guess the difference is, being "brought to justice" here doesn't involve going to work for the rest of your life in a labour camp along with your entire family. We can take pride in at least that.

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