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I have mentioned in the past I live in a boomed off area that basically secures the neighborhood form the nasty's that lurk outside. Tonight we are having a meeting to choose some options moving forward. The problem is that not everyone is paying and it puts pressure on everyone else.

I think there is about 72 houses in the protected zone and just over half are paying for this luxury. The others are just ignoring it and reaping the benefits. They can't be forced to pay as this is a private area and is our choice that the majority made. They just refuse point blank even though they drive a Mercedes etc.

The ones that aren't paying know that the ones that are will have to pay more to keep it as it has so many benefits. Firstly your insurance premiums come down as the chances of a break in or hijacking are less likely and secondly the value of your property is increased due to the safety. One agent reckoned it has put 30 percent onto the selling price which is substantial.

The ones that aren't paying may not know this fact as if we all decided to pack it in and go back to what it was before they would lose 30 percent off their selling price immediately. Houses in my area are averaging in the $240 000 mark so roughly $80 000 is lost overnight for roughly a $30 monthly fee.

I know tonight s meeting will be interesting and the usual faces will be there (the ones paying) and we will come up with a new plan. Currently we have two access gates and maybe we will shut one down over the entire weekend saving on guards salaries. This is still secure as the gates are closed and locked and it leaves one access point still guarded.

I know if it comes to it we will just dig deeper into our pockets to make up the balance , but that isn't the point. What can $30 get you a month anyway and having peace of mind is surely worth it for most of us. Maybe they don't know how bad it will become if we removed the security or they do and know we will pay.

Every Friday and Saturday night we can hear the gunshots and dogs barking echoing through the valley and I know I will pay more not to go back to that circus again. Just to add in we had 15 turn up for the meeting.

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Freeloading bastards. I wonder if there's a way to make those people pay. Are the paying and non-paying households randomly distributed licationwise in the area?

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Yes, there are two roads in with another cul de sac. Houses are spread out and we cant move the gate to exclude them. One house is already generously paying 4 times the amount needed to assist everyone else. One is a Police safe house for witnesses in protection and they don't pay.


Are there any other benefits you are in a position to deny them?

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Unfortunately absolutely nothing. Just all we can hope for is they sell and move on and new owners see the benefits.


You could develop something to make a point perhaps.

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Lol. Very true. Who would think that you have to pay for private armed security. It is nuts.

As I was reading I had been thinking that maybe you could ask them to pay at least a little something to help out, but then I saw in one of your comments that you had already tried that. You always expect there to be one or too freeloaders in a crowd, but half ?? You would think they would be grateful enough for the added security that they would WANT to help out.

Some people you just can't figure out.

Car jacking? Private security? What gives here?


Hi Shepz. We live in a secured boomed off gated community. Have been trying to get the residents who don't pay for the security to at least give something. Normal story half the residents pay and the others don't.


I guess you are not getting me, like I am not getting the article, I have lived all around the world, well most of it, and never known car jacking, or people having to hire private security, just to live, that is one messed up place bro, no offense to you, more the place.

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Rob the houses that don’t pay for it . Problem solved .


That made me laugh !

Whether is the real world or virtual, we always have to try and square the same circle...

How do we work together? Who pays? If there is no compulsion (tax), how do we avoid free loaders?

If anyone has solved these problems, please send the answers to... Whole of mankind, thanks in advance

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Unbelievable how selfish people can be! These people need to be thought a good lesson so they can feel it on their skin what security means.
I live in an apartment building with 20 apartments and only the top floor has a roof but when it comes to replacing it or repair it, we all pay, regardless on which floor your apartment is and it's the same when a pipe needs to be replaced. We have a fund we are contributing monthly and that covers the small reparations. The big expenses are equally shared. No exception!

That's too bad that you can't start something like an HOA and roll the fees into that. It is too bad that some people aren't willing to carry their weight for everyone. Especially when they can afford it anyway. That is just ridiculous. $30 is a heck of a deal for your safety and compared to what it makes you in home value, that is just stupid that they don't participate. $30 wouldn't even pay for half my monthly Internet bill.

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Howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! Only 15 showed up out of 72 homes? What did you guys decide? Are you sure there isn't a way to put pressure on those free loaders? anyway, it's a sad state of affairs when you can hear gunshots at night. I mean we hear them here too but it's not because of shooting at people.