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RE: An Open Letter to the Community - HF22.5

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I still do have hope. Because when we are really spiralling into an all out war then we are all going to lose big time. Just like in every other war. And I seriously can not believe that we are really wanting this to happen.


How do you not get that this is war? This was a complete takeover. This is exactly why Bitcoin and Ethereum are not allowing on-chain governance. It always gets corrupted, just like on EOS and TRON, on-chain governance never works.

Don't you remember what a shitshow in eth went down in 2017 ?

It was not a shitshow. People had freedom to choose, which is not a shitshow. On-chain governance is worse (read: coercive) than vote-by-node. Ethereum Classic is technically the original Ethereum chain and they are very free to remain doing things as they wish. However, the majority of people and projects chose the chain known today as
"Ethereum" because they felt different about the decision.

Steem is different. Because a very small number of nodes decide everything, all you have to do is hijack the nodes, which happened here, and boom, chain is officially centralized and under the control of one corporation. Consensys does not have that kind of power.

How do you not grasp that Steem is now @justinsunsteemit's personal possession? There is no war. He won.

Victori spolia.

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