Brief introduction to the Tron community, Dapps, and SR

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First of all, here is an interview Justin Sun just gave to Ellio Trades of FUD TV.

Justin Sun wants to be Crypto’s Elon Musk? Tron acquires Steemit? Founder Reveals Tron's Master Plan

Ellio Trades is developping a game on Tron.

3D Collectible Gaming Universe on Tron | Pizza Heroes Teaser Trailer by DApp Evolution

Many other crypto influencers regularly vlog about Tron. BitBoy Crypto streamed a Tron Meetup he attended in September. The speaker in front is Quinn from the Mid Earth Crypto YT channel.

Tron Atlanta Meetup

I believe Crypto Tone went to this Meetup as well. He is a big fan of anything Tron, I would say probably more than 75% of his content is about Tronix. Tron Dapps and/or tokens he often make videos about include Bankroll (gambling), Nolecoin (gaming/charity), and Beatzcoin (music/social media).


For those who have been on Steem for a while, I would bet you've already heard of Trevon James so no introduction needed here. Here he is talking about the WinK Dapp.

What is WinK on Tron? How I Earn Bitcoin With It?

Did you know that Binance now holds the number one spot as a Super Representative? Super Represensatives play the same role for the Tron blockchain as Witnesses do for Steem. All you need to do to vote for one (or any number of SR) is to freeze some TRX for a minimum of three days. I personally am putting all my stake to vote for SR-TRON-Europe at spot number 28. I get rewarded with TRONEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) which is a TRC-10 token. TRC-10 are different from TRC-20 tokens in the sense that you don't need to freeze for Energy in order to send some and that they are not made to interact with smart contracts.

With TERC I could have advantageously invested in projects such as Aftermath Island (gaming), DVMarketplace (shopping), BeFaster (fitness), or GameofTrons (Trading Card Game), but I chose to hodl my TERC since this token is only generated through the SR voting rewards mechanism. Although I may spend it all on GameofTrons once this game is released.

The game of TRON

Other notable SR are Sesameseed who built the Seedit tipping/trading bot for Telegram and Twitter users, TRONLink with their Steem Keychain-like extension allowing for your Tron wallet to interact with any Tron blockchain enabled website, and TronWalletMe for the Tron (and BTC) mobile/desktop wallet I'm using the most. There are other familiar names the crypto connoisseurs will surely recognize such as BlockchainOrg, BitTorrent, Huobi_pool, and

Another name those not acquainted with the Tron ecosystem may have never heard of is BitGuild. Bitguild is a developping team who made the jump from Ethereum to the Tron blockchain because they thought it could better served their ambitions. Their achievments so far are to have built a LoMoStar-killer chatting app where people can drop & trade cryptos and play games, to have made a Metamask-like extension, and to have been developping numerous games.

GuildChat | Coin Drops

Hope this give a sufficient overview as to the lively nature of the Tron blockchain.


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