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EOS, Tron, ICON, VeChain - the number of assets transitioning from ERC20 tokens running atop Ethereum to mainnets with their own blockchain are accelerating at a blistering pace. As all of these assets are effectively brand new coins, we at Exodus have to evaluate each mainnet coin on its own merit and put our asset integration engineers to the task of building out the infrastructure to keep these coins running smoothly for all Exodians.

And it's been no easy task.

Exodus, however, has never been a wallet to shy away from such trials! We're happy to announce that one of these mainnet coins is re-joining the Exodus Movement in Version 1.60.0, and we can assure you that it won't be the last.

We've also brought a new coin to our Ethereum Assets menu in this release - one that has been long requested by our users - that we hope will usher in a new era of stability for die-hard fans of our wallet.

No Exodus release, however, would be complete merely with new assets! We've squashed a few bugs in Version 1.60.0 and pulled out the proverbial dust pan for some late Summer cleaning on Ethereum and ERC20 tokens that we hope will help keep balances tidy going forward. Read further to get the full scoop on the latest and greatest Exodus release!

Mainnet Tron: The Legacy Returns

On June 24th of 2018, the Tron Foundation began the process of transitioning its ERC20 token to a mainnet all its own. It's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to reveal that mainnet TRX is now a first-class, fully-exchangeable asset in Exodus!

Tron small.gif

From its roots in pioneering the airdropped token model as an alternative to ICOs, the Tron Foundation has never shied away from bombast and its mainnet launch was no different.

For all TRX holders storing coins on centralized exchanges with no private key ownership, we're happy to offer an alternative in storing (and swapping) your coins while maintaining your financial sovereignty.

Still have some ERC20 Tron lingering in your Exodus wallet? It’s not too late to swap them! Take a look at this handy guide that’ll walk you through the process.

ERC20 Tether: The De Facto Stablecoin, Now in Exodus

Tether is by no means the first stablecoin to make its way into Exodus. DAI, the smart contract-based, dollar-pegged coin, has been a part of the unexchangeable Ethereum Assets section since April 12th of 2018. TrueUSD, a fully-exchangeable USD stablecoin, has likewise been available in Exodus since August 16th of this year.

But neither of these coins possess the sheer volume of the original stablecoin, Tether (USDT):


Exodus users looking to get exposure to the US Dollar directly in their wallet now have a bevy of options for doing so! Being a part of our unexchangeable Ethereum Assets section, Tether cannot be swapped using the Exchange tab of Exodus - yet. For the time being, day traders and frequent swappers may still be better off using TrueUSD as the most frictionless stablecoin in Exodus.

As freedom of choice is a staple of the Exodus ethos, however, we're thrilled to be able to offer so many stablecoin options in a single wallet.

ETH and ERC20 Dust: Now in the Dustbin of Exodus History

Have you ever made a Max exchange in your Exodus wallet with Ethereum or an ERC20 asset, only to find fractions of a coin were left over? Or perhaps you made that one transaction that nearly emptied your wallet, but not quite? Previously, this would leave your wallet with a minute balance too small even to cover transaction fees (known as dust in crypto lingo).

If you're the type who doesn't want this dust balance interfering with your svelte asset wheel, fret no more! You can now safely disable dust balances in Exodus should you choose to do so:


Too Many Inputs? We'll Let You Know!

The wondrous ways our customers find bugs for us to expunge never ceases to amaze, and this one was particularly obscure!

Some Exodus users took unspent and joined transactions in UTXO assets to a new extreme - if you attempt to send a transaction that has more than 50 inputs, our poor Insight servers just won't know what to do! Luckily, this is an easy fix - sending the transactions in a couple smaller outputs should fix it right up for 'ya.

However, Exodus did an admittedly poor job letting users know what was going on with this error in the past. Thankfully, we have a fancy new error message to give you a heads-up whenever this occurs going forward. Rejoice!

In Closing

With that, dear Exodians, we bid you ado until September 27th when we'll be back with yet another riveting edition of our extended release notes, and of course, a new version of Exodus to talk about! We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Any upvotes, comments, or resteems from our beloved users are greatly appreciated! We always love interacting with our fellow Steemit brethren.

Exodus logo.png

Please reserve the comments section for lively and honest discussion about the article! If you have technical issues with Exodus, our Community Support team will be happy to speedily assist you if you send a descriptive email to: [email protected]

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I think you got almost all the coins I need now since I don’t mind keeping small caps on exchanges and I don’t know enough about new small caps to invest in any long term.

....except for Neo, but I don’t mind having another wallet to spread out the funds, curious if you’ll ever to nep-5 tokens?

PS everyone I know loves exodus but seems few people know you are on steemit. Hope a resteem helps

Right, I had no idea these guys were on steemit! Exodus is by far my favorite wallet.

Not only are we on Steemit, we are making it our premier platform for all of our written content releases! You'll be thrilled to hear that all of our release notes and articles come to Steemit for our fellow Steemians before being posted or shared on any other platforms!

Love this, you folks rock!

Thank you so much for your support! We know, it will probably take a little bit for the community to know that we are back and being active.

There was a long while that his account was not really being used, but since some of us on the newly formed content team are Steemians, we wanted to revive this page and make it our premier platform for sharing all of our written content going forward.

We really appreciate the Re-Steem!

To address your question about NEO and NEP-5 tokens; NEO is an asset that is most certainly on our radar. If we add NEO, we would also add GAS for our customers, but NEP-5 tokens would be assessed individually, and need to meet the same criteria as any other asset for any of them to be considered.

If you'd like some more detailed information on what we look at when adding assets, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you again for stopping by!

I really appreciate this reply, sorry it took me so long to notice it!!!

Thanks for being awesome!!

curious if you’ll ever to nep-5 tokens

Hi, whatamidoing, which NEP-5 token do you have on mind?

Exceptional. Exodus on it's way to rule the crypto world. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad to hear that you are pleased with all of the new additons.

This is cool and fantastic.. Tron is growing day by day I hope Tron will touch $1 mark very soon and this coin will boom

We sure hope so!

Awesome! I guess it's time to update my wallet

Looks like I will be buying my first TRON very soon.
As a filmmaker and film fan, how can I not like a coin referringt o a 1980s scifi classic!

Keep up the good work! <3

Hey Vince, thanks for the kind words! I felt the same way about TRON! =)

Of course :>)

There's always room for kind words, to counter ( all ) the negativity.

Bye for now!

Big fan and user of your service. Any plans of getting Monero, Blackcoin, Doge or Bytecoin on the platform?

These are some excellent questions! I think that you'll be thrilled to hear that XMR is in the works! We do not have an estimated date for its release, but we'll be sure to make a big announcement here once we have moved forward with it.

Doge we actually used to support but removed support in version 1.34.1. As much as I would personally love to see the Shibes back in Exodus, there were some issues that we had encountered leading to us delisting it. Our official announcement can ber read here: https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/6mrnkw/exodus_removing_dogecoin/

BlackCoin & ByteCoin are not on our radar at the moment, but I'd be more than happy to add them to our list of asset requests for you!

Hoping you add steem.

You are really evolving.

Also there are other interfaces to the steem blockchain. You can use Dlive.io or d.tube for your videos and livestreaming, incase you develop need for it.

There is also https://ulogs.org and around 400 steem-based apps as you will find on https://steemprojects.com handled by @noisy

As many of us here at Exodus are fellow Steemians, we also hope that we one day add STEEM! Although it is not in our immediate plans, it's definitely on our radar.

To address Dlive/Dtube; we have just started picking up our activity revolving around content and I'm almost certain that we will also begin using one of those two services to share our video content as well!

We really appreciate your support, and please do drop us any feedback or suggestions that you'd like!

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Very informative and detailed explanation of all new features. Thank you. Now I start using wallet more intensive.

Hey there, that's so great to hear! If you ever need any detailed assistance please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

Thanks for all your great work on this wallet! I'm so glad to see more coins added and TRX is a long time coming.

I'd love to see Stellar and IOTA added as well.