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RE: Exodus 1.60.0: A Wild Tron Mainnet Approaches!

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I think you got almost all the coins I need now since I don’t mind keeping small caps on exchanges and I don’t know enough about new small caps to invest in any long term.

....except for Neo, but I don’t mind having another wallet to spread out the funds, curious if you’ll ever to nep-5 tokens?

PS everyone I know loves exodus but seems few people know you are on steemit. Hope a resteem helps


Right, I had no idea these guys were on steemit! Exodus is by far my favorite wallet.

Not only are we on Steemit, we are making it our premier platform for all of our written content releases! You'll be thrilled to hear that all of our release notes and articles come to Steemit for our fellow Steemians before being posted or shared on any other platforms!

Love this, you folks rock!

Thank you so much for your support! We know, it will probably take a little bit for the community to know that we are back and being active.

There was a long while that his account was not really being used, but since some of us on the newly formed content team are Steemians, we wanted to revive this page and make it our premier platform for sharing all of our written content going forward.

We really appreciate the Re-Steem!

To address your question about NEO and NEP-5 tokens; NEO is an asset that is most certainly on our radar. If we add NEO, we would also add GAS for our customers, but NEP-5 tokens would be assessed individually, and need to meet the same criteria as any other asset for any of them to be considered.

If you'd like some more detailed information on what we look at when adding assets, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Thank you again for stopping by!

I really appreciate this reply, sorry it took me so long to notice it!!!

Thanks for being awesome!!

curious if you’ll ever to nep-5 tokens

Hi, whatamidoing, which NEP-5 token do you have on mind?

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