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Send, receive, and exchange to and from XRP and TUSD seamlessly.

You can now send, receive, and exchange to and from Ripple in Exodus. This is not a drill; Ripple is now supported in Exodus. We’ve been looking forward to writing these words for quite some time now and are overjoyed to finally share the good news.

During the months we’ve spent perfecting the Ripple wallet, many of you wrote in expressing your enthusiasm for XRP and asking us for a timeline for when we would add it to Exodus. Your emails, Slack messages, and tweets pushed us to deliver this functionality to you and we thank you for keeping us motivated. Nothing keeps us on our game more than hearing your thoughts about what you want to see in Exodus, and we encourage you to keep speaking your mind to us on our social media channels and in our inbox.

The fun doesn’t stop with Ripple! We’ve also added TrueUSD (TUSD), our first stablecoin, for sending, receiving, and exchanging as well. As if two new assets weren’t enough, customers running Mac operating systems can now automatically update their wallets in-app (Windows is next folks, stay tuned!) and we’ve also added support for Digibyte S-addresses. Jeez, I am looking at this list and I think it is safe to say the devs worked their butts off this time.

Ripple Makes Waves

You don’t have to use your imagination anymore! This is what lightning fast transactions look like in your Exodus wallet from now on:

ripple 2.gif

To receive Ripple in Exodus there is no need to use a destination tag, your receiving address is enough! To send Ripple with a destination tag, click on the advanced button and enter it in the pop-out window.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.12.43 PM.png

Get to know Ripple a little better by reading this article about the minimum deposit balance.

The One TrueUSD

Those of you who exchange professionally in Exodus have been asking us to add stablecoins to our exchange lineup for quite some time. This is because having a cryptocurrency that is “pegged” to a fiat asset, meaning that its value is tied to a traditional currency like the dollar or euro, allows you to hedge your profits when the market takes a dive. TrueUSD is pegged to the US dollar, one TUSD = 1 US dollar, and we are excited to add it to our ecosystem.

TUSD (1).gif

The use of stable coins like TUSD comes with a caveat, and we encourage you to read this article we’ve written about counterparty risk to learn more about exactly how fiat-backed cryptocurrencies work under the hood.

Let Us Upgrade You

We’ve added a function that will allow Mac users to upgrade to future versions of Exodus automatically from within the application as soon as they sign in. No more checking our release page at the witching hour or writing into support to realize you are seven versions behind!

We are looking forward to adding auto-update support for Windows users as well. Stay tuned to these release notes for further updates.

KNC + PPT Get Makeovers

Friends don’t let friends go out looking anything less than their best. Populous (PPT) and Kyber Network Token (KNC) got added to our exchange and promptly decided to exchange their logos for better ones:

logos 3.gif

Now that’s style!

The S Is for Supported

Ardent Digibyte fans rejoice! You can now send to Digibyte “S” addresses from Exodus as you would a normal DGB address.

DGB 1400.gif

No more red “invalid” errors! What a calming sight to see.

Next Release: Friday, August 31st

If you thought that this was a jam-packed release, wait until you seen what we have in store for you in two weeks! Be sure to continue checking our releases page for patches, unless you’ve gotten the auto upgrade with this release of course. Remember to keep your funds safe, and we will see you soon.


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I love your product and have been using it for well over a year now. Thanks for making it better all the time.

I would Love to see EOS Unfrozen and a regular feature in the Wallet............

Thanks for letting us know what you would like to see in Exodus! Your feedback is very important to us, and we understand that EOS is something that many of our customers would like to see added.

Although we do not have a firm date, we are working on a claim feature to help aid our customers in safely claiming their EOS mainnet, and are currently assessing mainnet support for Exodus.

Dear Exodus: When will the feature - Add custom Ethereum token to your wallet be availlabe: With ERC20 token contract - decimals etc etc. There is already a walet (very like exodus) who does so.

Great question, Roland! Although custom ERC20 addition is not in the immediate plans, it is most certainly on our radar! If you don't mind me asking, what ERC20 tokens do you currently hold in which Exodus doesn't support, and what wallet are you using to manage these tokens?

I absolutely love exodus, and I'd like to work for you guys haha! Also....ehem RRRREEEEE counter party risk assets! It's ok though, just be careful everyone. Just remember, always more bitcoin...always