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RE: STEEM is still not Steemit, even if Tron buys Steemit.

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Where did they get "proprietary" from? Proprietary is relating to an owner or ownership and the Steem blockchain is not (to my knowledge) owned by anyone.

Steem is a blockchain run by independent block producers called witnesses distributed around the world. You can see them listed here:

Just wait till Justin give that dormant STINC stake a little push, eh?


That's certainly a possibility, but in so doing, he risks the community rejecting that stake and hard forking it out. It's been discussed before.

He would have gotten what he wanted then. The name, etc.

Good luck to the forked chain to actually stay on exchanges. And what? Are you gonna develop for this theoretical forked chain?

There are a lot of things to consider than oh, we can still keep going.

The exchanges will most likely determine what the token "name" is unless we have a full on naming war. This is full on ship of Theseus stuff. What is "STEEM" anyway?

Nice reference! I never see Theseus Ship in discussions much.

One of the best ways to think about identity problems in philosophy.

HAH! Perfect analogy!!!

But hey, if it does come to that and you guys reject them, mad props to you all.

Witnesses should fork and remove steemit inc stake. Simples

That's but one step.

There are other intricacies involved for the survival of the chain. Exchanges, devs, resources, etc.

Devs and resources is largely addressed with SPS. Exchanges is somewhat harder, but many exchanges will support a chain that has a real user base.

The bigger problem is that Steem/it has been circling the drain for a while. If you reject the Tron migration, what do you really have, and what reason do exchanges really have to support it?

Not impossible, but I think people forget all the challenges that were already there, if not new ones.

@blocktrades would still be an option, no?

Almost certainly. Good point.

Watched the video with @justinsunsteemit and @ned. At least Justin knows how to use social media and has actual resources to commit to steemit's development.

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