Tron (TRX) Technical Breakout Alert!!!!

in tron •  last year 


7 Day MA trending bullish
MACD trending bullish
Support at .0000027btc
Resistance at .00000420

Current Price .00000318

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Thumbs Up if you know Tron is going WAY up!

Tron will be by far the biggest gainer in 2018. I can see it being over 1k by the end of next year.




Hope you're joking

I actually just never bought any




Jump on the TRON!!!



Bad move

I was able to get more at the dip the other day, looking forward to 2018.


Nice buddy

Excellent stuff here. you just earned my vote and follow



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A lot of people I know say Tron is projected to go big next year. Big as in over $0.10 USD. Would you recommend hopping on the #TronTrain now?


Definitely, great team, great token, however it also depends on the future of ERC20.


I'll hop on it then.

Thanks for your great analysis. Here is my top 5 picks of cryptos in 2018. What is yours?

I currently have 11000 tron. We will see!!

Looks like you were right!!!! ... I created an article for first time buyers looking to buy TRON and Secure it

this is really funny man, Happy new year from nigeria