An introduction to Tron Virtual Machine 2020 part 1

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Today we are not going to focus on any of the speculative aspects of tron, markets, news, none of that.

I'll save that for part 2 where i'll touch on the history of tron, and my thoughts on @justinsunsteemit, whom I personally admire, which will lead us into part 3 which will be about my theories and speculations that's based around the steemit x tron partnership/acquisition what it means for the future, the over-all potential the combination really has and how BitTorrent and btfs come into play. Part 4 will be the about the tron token economy of 2020. As there are multiple amazing communities building on tron that I need a whole post to talk about them.

I currently have only planned 4 posts but this is the main sort of topic I plan on staying on now that i'm back on steem.
This is part 1, this part is purely an introductory post to prepare steemians unfamiliar with tron blockchain for using tron, Instead of getting into all that other less technical stuff right off the hop. I'm going to show you how to begin to navigate the tron ecosystem, as a basic user, in a way where you can see sort of how it works technically, what it has to offer, and how to play on tron network more safely.
Step one-
if you are going to use tron you first need a wallet.
So first thing youll want to do is visit tronscanthe main website for trons blockchain information, you can see live transactions, blockheights, live nodes and so on, first thing you're going to do is (for free) create 2 new wallets and save their PKs , one will not be attached to anything for storing your coins safely offline, the other is to be used for tronlink and doing transactions, freezing tokens, playing dapps and so on. Always best to have two seperate wallets. One for storage and one for play.

Step two-
Tronlink is to tron what metamask is to eth, if you're using a desktop browser like opera, brave or chrome all have tronlink extensions for your browser you can install. I suggest getting them so you can use dapps inside your browser seamlessly. If you're a mobile user, there are several reputable mobile app tron wallets that have already integrated tronlink and i'll link them at the bottom.

Step three- now that you have a wallet and your tronlink or mobile wallet you're going to need to fill your wallet with some trx, now my opinion is that for you to not incurring any fee's while you play dapps, send tips and freeze subtokens you'll need atleast 2500trx worth of energy and 2500trx worth of bandwidth, thats 5000trx or around 100$ worth of tron you should purchase solely to remain frozen for rewards bandwidth, and energy at any given time.

Its not totally necessary to use your tron wallet of course. You get a little free bandwidth every day so sending and receiving a few transactions in trx is free from any noticeable fee regardless of how much is in your wallet. But for the context of using tron for more than just using trx as an MoE, you'll probably want a cost effective supply of both bandwidth and energy. So grabbing a bag to freeze is necessary to play dapps without burning up your liquid trx as a fee.

Good news is as an incentive to keep trx frozen, when you freeze those trx each trx frozen is a vote, which you can use to vote for super representatives and earn voter rewards. I'll leave a list of my favorite awesome community SRs on the bottom. Most wallets make this procedure very straightforward.

Step four- navigating dapps, now for the sake of this article, we are not using dapps as a way to earn money, but more as a tool to test the smart contracts and then potentially we can consider if we are to invest in projects we think have a future. Dapps are still a very new phenomenon and many of them will come and go. So please be cautious of that fact.

One of the great resources I use to find and test new dapps on tron is called dappstats. I like dappstatsspecifically because it itself is a dapp that teaches you about other dapps and socializes its earnings and referrals into a dividend token, Incentivising using their links and participating in their token.
Great resource, strongly recommend adding it to your daily dapps.

Step 5- now you should have a wallet with energy and bandwidth, a mobile wallet or browser with a tronlink extension, you have a resource for finding information on dapps , its time now you should also have a few dollars in trx not frozen in your wallet so you can try out the dapps you visit, for now many of trons biggest dapps are decentralized gambling dapps, dexs and BitTorrent itself.

So lets take a look at trons 3 most promising gambling dapps and 3 most promising dex's to wrap up part 1 of our journey. Finishing the post with a shoutout to a small, grass roots underdog community working hard to build a fun non-gambling dapp game that will be tied to charity.
Top gambling dapps from my UX




Bonus dapp, (higher risk) most recent popular dice to launch! Fightron. Get free spins-
Use DappStats link and get a bonus 15% discount on mining and 15 free spins

Top 3 dex's running on tron





Bonus non gambling game dapp, still in beta production but some asset elements are available-

My favorite SRs - Cryptoguyinza, tron-Europe, Beatzcoin, Sesameseed, and tron-society.
Learn more about super representatives at tokengoodies
Mobile wallets-
Bitguild wallet
Thanks for reading!
Trx tip address:
If this has been helpful to you, please resteem to help other steemians learn about tron too! Much love!
I'll try to have part 2 ready in the next couple days :)


REALLY HELPFUL & clear, practical look-see at Tron. Thankyou. Looking forward to the next posts. Most important part of growing this alliance is first understanding the depth, breadth & potential of both parties. I learned something today. 😊

Hey nice post you got here. Was actually led here through Twitter. Was never a huge fan of Tron but perhaps it's time I give it a good look.

Thanks for the post!

@tipu curate

Thank you, i'm a huge fan of tron so if you ever have questions, I'm sure I can help!

Hey! Welcome back to Steem :^)

This was a really good first post being back. I've used Tron before but it was nice getting a refresher & I'm sure it'll be very helpful to the Steemians who haven't explored Tron yet.

In fact, this whole series you're doing sounds like it would be a great fit for the Tron + Steem community! It's a community that caters to helping Steem discover Tron, and Tron discover Steem. You're posts would be a great addition to the arsenal!

You can check out the community by using the beta site ( for now, communities should officially launch within a few weeks ).
If you like SteemIt, you can access it here -> SteemIt Community Beta
Or, if you like SteemPeak ( my preferred Steem frontend ), you can use -> SteemPeak Beta

( if you don't feel like using any of the beta sites, you can achieve the same posting effect by just putting #hive-108528 as you first tag when writing these posts :^) )

Also, feel free to reach out to me whenever if you need any help with anything!

I'm glad to see you on Steem, looking forward to the next posts in this series! Keep it up, and enjoy some !BEER 🍻

Awesome ill keep that in mind for the next part! Thanks Spencer!

Hey @dizzyjay, here is a little bit of BEER from @stuffbyspencer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Very good post with clear information for anybody wanting to know more about the tron eco-system. As i see a lot more cross chain applications on the future it's not a bad thing to have more info on it.


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Very good post on Tron. Inquiring minds want to know. It sounds like an interesting project.

Hola @dizzyjay.

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