🚀 Tron Independence Day - All you need to know

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📣 On the 25th of June the Tron Blockchain will become independent from the Ethereum Blockchain. 💡 Learn about the Token Swap, Voting Process, Dividends etc.

📜 List of 36 Exchanges which support the TRX Token Swap:

BITKOP, Bibox, Binance, Bit-Z, Bitbns, Bithumb, BitTrex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bitopro, Bitpie, Bixin
Cobinhood, Cobo, CoinEGG, CoinTiger, Coindelta, Coinfalcon, Coinnest, Coinrail, Coinspot, Cryptopia
DragonEx, Gate.io, Huobi.Pro, Koinnex, Lbank, Liqui Exchange, Max, OEX, OKEX, OTCBTC, RightBTC, Upbit, TradeSatoshi, WazirX, Zebpay

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Are Tronics and Super Representatives the same thing?


Hi @streetfood, thanks for your comment! They are not the same, Tronics are members from the Tron community who can apply for Tronics Status until the 25th of June, requirements are pretty low, following of at least 500 fans and 10,000 TRX in savings. But meeting those requirements is not enough, the Tron Foundation will ultimately decide who will get this status based on your application. More information here: https://medium.com/tron-foundation/tron-core-tronics-recruitment-db02cfa78aa8

Super Representatives are like the Block Producers on the EOS Blockchain, there will be only a limited number of 27 active Super Representatives at any given time. This status can only be achieved by votes from Tron Holders, who need to freeze their Tron fro 3 days in order to vote. The voting process restarts every 24 hrs. Voted Super Representatives are incentivized in TRX every second they full fill their responsibilities as a node in the Tron Network.