The Art of TROLLING - The CopperCab AKA Ginger AK As Seen on South Park MELTDOWN OWNED, DESTROYED & EXPLAINED!

in troll-art •  last year

My sides hurt from watching these videos. I just found the best troll-videos on the Internet! If you have not seen these yet, take a break and enjoy these fantastic videos :D I love it!

And for those of you who are a bit younger, let me introduce you to CopperCab the way we remember him from like... 7 years ago when he was standing up against SOUTHPARK :D

An when ReelzChannel tried to make "The Human Story" behind CopperCab... lol, see for yourself :)

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haha gingers have souls!!

Pretty awesome. Was hard to tell the trolling, I have to admit, but it's truly funny to see Gavin getting triggered so hard. Those Rebel media people are all kind of meh, they sometimes bark on the right tree, but it is more by accident as this Video shows :D. I mean c'mon, at least research the guy you gonna interview.

@fyrstikken I found an exploit with booster and some services associated with it. Are you on bitcointalk and if so can I send you a PM with the info?


@azfix: you can find me here: If I am not around you can PM @inertia


Hi @fyrstikken I've written an article about you, check it out if you can, thanks.

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@fyrstikken tried to send you a dm and it said I was blocked, is a dm the same as a pm in that system?


You probably don't have enough steem power for him to consider you worthy of a response. He's an elitist asshole since he scammed enough to consider himself rich.

Gavin is absolutely hilarious lol

Oh this guy is fucking golden. I watched so many videos of him :D
Here's another funny vid I found long ago.

This is pure gold hahaha, I am dying. Amazing share. RESTEEM'd for sure lol

The Art of Trolling - NOW WITH GINGER! haha

I will say only one thing...GINGER PEOPLE DO HAVE SOULS! LOL

you have good video @fyrstikken..
i am @viqral really like that...
heheh keep steem bro @fyrstikken

aah yes, CopperCab, the unsung hero of redhead trolls!

Very nice video my bro @fyrstikken haha

I really enjoy it, thanks for sharing.

Great videos for enjoyment.

ha ha ha
I really like that video
Looks very funny @fyrstikken

Hahaha, you're right. These are the best troll videos. Thanks for sharing it.

Hehehe! and I thought i was crazy. Maybe i am perfectly normal after all.

Yeha, I make sure I have watched @fyrstikken, thanks for providing this information

Hi @fyrstikken, I just got home and after a stressful Monday, I what do I find, the most hilarious videos ever, "Greek God of Fire", " Cum dripping from his mouth" Man if I had to carry on quoting Gavin McInnes this comment would be longer than the post! What a ripper! Gavin just keeps on pushing his buttons and the poor guy just keeps on getting burn't. Btw that's probably why he is red haired. Thank you @fyrstikken for uplifting my stressful Monday.

That's trolling on another level hahah


Excellent post!

I haven't laughed so much in a long time!😂

muy entretenidos tus videos :)

You shouldn't make fun of that guy... he's got Down Syndrome!

I haven't seen this guy in ages. "That's why you see in the pornographies that the teacher is always a man"
My God this is hilarious this is truly a hidden gem on the internet.
Respect to CopperCab.. The best comedian and troll ever
Thank you for putting a smile on my face bud! :)

hahaha this made my day! Keep it on!


I fuckin died


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Hahahahaha. The ginger became pissed :D

Upvoted! Because this guy trolled the world hard.

I enjoy the video, is there still another video? @fyrstikken

Totally funny! Thanks for this. Now I understand the South Park reference. They are geniuses of humour!

The best lover I ever had was a ginger. If she didn't get some four times a day, all hell broke loose.

Thank you very much for oyur upvotes. Im really helps a small fish like me :)

Haha! Thanks you for the videos :D Funny!

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"I had every STD under the sun"
"Do you know how dry pussy gets, when you call yourself a justice warrior"

I can't even breath right now 😂😂 I literally had to stop and catch a breath . Everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy and I'm like half way through the first one . @fyrstikken


Wow Its Amazing , thank you much for sharing