Trojan Wall - the first 15 days

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It has been 15 days since we launched #trojanwall group. Our admins were continuously searching for new members and authors. And we did a decent job. They say the beginning is always the hardest part of any work, but I expected it to be a lot harder than it was (although it really is hard).

We currently have 26 members at our discord server and 17 active voting trail followers which is a significant progress. Also, the combined steem power of our trail is roughly 366 which gives our upvote a value of 0.03$ in ideal conditions (keep in mind that it is 100% voting weight and voting power combined for all members of the trail which is unlikely to happen.) The real value of upvote varies between 0.01 and 0.02$ which is not significant amount at the moment, but it means a lot to our new members.

Our current trail followers are:

This way I wanted to invite any author who thinks his content doesn't get decent rewards to join us. This way our community will be stronger and authors (both old and new) will receive bigger rewards. I also wanted to say that every voluntary steempower delegation to trojanwall is more than welcome.

Stay strong, keep blogging!

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Congrats on the progress in just 15 days. We need more minnow-helping projects.


Thanks, we try our best to provide support to our "hungry" fellow steemians.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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I am an author of a sort. My goal is to practice producing origami pictorial tutorials with an end goal of publishing in roughly two years. Sooner if I make the money needed. Other than that I'm enjoying being part of the steemian community and entering competitions that interest me.


Wow, that seems interesting, you could get into our team so can we help each other.


Anything in particular I need to do?


3 things, one mandatory and two optional:

  • Follow our voting trail on steemauto (this is mandatory and contributes to all the members directly.)
  • Include #trojanwall tag in your posts (to make your posts easier for us to find)
  • Join our discord server (to promote your posts and become active member of our community)

Everything is written here so please read, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.