Success Isn’t About How Many Commas You Have in Your Bank Account

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A lot of people get hung up on the idea of getting rich and becoming some sort of ultra-wealthy, house in the hills with a pool type character.

This idea does seem nice, and I don’t think there’s anything that’s inherently wrong with the idea itself. I think people get led astray when it comes to the idea of what success is. This idea of a house in the hills is not success, it’s just a materialistic achievement. An achievement nonetheless, but not one that will make you successful - as many people think it would.

Having success in a materialistic society is something like having a house in the hills, pool in the backyard. It’s a certain kind of success, but it’s successful in an arena that is toxic to begin with - materialism.

True success - a.k.a. success in life - should be measured in time and experience wealth rather than how much money and stuff you can accumulate.

Take 2 scenarios: Scenario 1 is of a money-wealthy lifestyle - working 80 hours a week but making millions of dollars a year and buying all kinds of cool stuff - lambs, ferraris, houses, vacation houses, etc etc… Materialistic wealth.

Scenario 2 is of a time-wealthy individual. This individual travels the world and cultivates new experiences in life. This individual is not tied to any physical location as they take photos, write about their experiences and do a little work here and there with hotels to finance their life of traveling.

Who is more successful? The person who can buy all kinds of fancy stuff, but has to work 80 hours a week to keep funding their lifestyle? Or is it the person who can travel the entire world with no materials to physically tie themselves down to any 1 location. They have all the time in the world to explore and be creative and write about their life.

I would choose the second one all the time.

The thing about success is that it’s subjective. While I believe it’s the second one, there may be some of you out there who’d actually prefer the first one.

I actually like to believe in both. I like to believe in becoming both time/experience wealthy and becoming materialistically wealthy too. There’s a healthy balance that can be struck and it takes time to figure that out.

I like to travel the world and be time-wealthy and gain experiences, but I also like to come back home every few months and enjoy some nice stuff: driving my car, sleeping in my bed, etc.

What enriching experiences have you had recently?

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To be successful you have to trust what you do


I agree, trust in the process and do the work!

what is success? It's upto you, On which area do you prefer to be successful. But in the end only thing count is your satisfaction. Last thing you need is self satisfaction with whatever you have. Every person is chasing for self satisfaction but they don't know now and rather then that they are after other things. Life's end goal is the self satisfaction and How many times did you put value to some other people's life?! Yeah, That's just it

If you are working 80 hours a week doing something you love, then it really doesn't matter. The old cliche saying of money can't buy happiness has a truth to it. I like to think money can enhance happiness but at our core; I believe that we are all looking for a sense of connection.

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Yes, I am with your choice @triptolemus
Exploring new places and meeting with new people is knowledge. And photo saves those moments. Beside of it, i will also like to help others with money who have nothing to eat, it's success to me.


Thank you!!! Photos are beautiful and all tell a story!

Success is many things and depends upon the individual how he or she wants to reach it using their God given talent or talents. 🙂🙏

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Absolutely!!! It's all subjective, but following your passion is essential!

Its a one of the nice photography
Keep it up boss @triptolemus

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I honestly love this article. I think you really nailed down the difference between the types of success that we think about, but also the balancing point of it as well. I would say I am more in the middle, but the key to self satisfaction is more so to be able to enjoy whatever path you take. In other words, you will always need time for yourself or with company to enjoy the money you make or enjoy the experiences of life around the world. Otherwise, if you do not have time to enjoy what you have, what is the point of slaving away to make more money?

: D ha ha ha ... If you are not rich .. Individual pension for the future

Yes you right

The book "The Millionaire Next Door" touches this very subject a bit. And I agree with you completely!


Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check that out!

Experience wealth is great & it should be measure of success. Hard has role in it what do you think @triptolemus


Experience is the greatest wealth of all. There is no replacement for experience.

@triptolemus, excellent written article, you put me now in a deep I like to travel a lot, have made many friends in different countries. I should call myself I am rich.
Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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I was out paddling my canoe with a buddy yesterday, having a great time, and we went by the boat ramp and this guy was loading up his power boat with bikini girls and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't have liked to trade places with him, just for a day.

Id do the sexond choice but with no eork attachment to it. Just traveling for the experiences and enjoying all of the unknown places I have yet to visit.

Success is subjective to individuals, you could work 9-5 jobs your whole life and be termed a success..... As long as it makes you happy. Not everyone would travel the world and write about their experiences on travel blogs. Some people have to actually form a solid part of the service industry.

Discover what you want in life that'll make you happy, go for it and you too shall be a "successful " being

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Ai cũng có cách nghĩ kiếm tiền là người thành công của riêng mình quan trọng là khi ta về đích còn có ai ở bên ta tôn trọng thành công của ta hay không tôi nghĩ vậy?!


Thanks for reading!! I'm not sure what you said here, but I hope you liked the post!!!

Good reflection about success

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Thank you!! I try to consider success often and think of the best way to achieve it!!

I envy your life. Beautiful picture


Haha I wish I took that picture, but I've taken similar ones!!

amazing nature


Thank you! What'd you think of the question?

Great work brother nice blog and nice picture

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I personally think that a man without money is more unhappy than the one with money, people who have a lot of money and are always sad and stressed is their fault, they can not deal with them, nothing money brings anything, you have to have an idea how to play well A sudden big influx of cash, the money is to help not hurt!

I totally agree with you. Time above money, but in these ages time is money... Sometimes you need to put in the time to get the money to establish an asset to keep you and your family alive to spend that time with them. What do you think?

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I agree, there are situations where you can save time buy leveraging money - owning a private jet or even buying an uber - but the fundamental issue remains that some people get overly caught up in accruing money and material possessions which leads them to a life where they are actually bound by their possessions and money and are forced to continually work hard every day to make more to pay their ever-increasing bills!