Play Like a Child to Find Your Creative Muse

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Being creative and making creative stuff can be one of the most difficult things we ever try to do in our lifetimes.

Being creative requires that you let go of your notions and ideas about most things. About all things that society teaches us. It requires that we sync with the ebb and flow of the moment.

Being in the moment is harder than you think. It requires that you stop thinking about the past and you stop thinking about the future. It requires that you don’t think right now. It requires that you just tune into this almost ethereal essence of the universe.

It may sound woo woo at first, but anyone who’s ever been in a flow state knows exactly what I’m talking about.

That flow state occurs when you’re at the gym: you’re lifting weights and getting one of the best workouts of your life. You move from exercise to exercise and each feels more incredible than the last.

That flow state occurs when you’re writing: you find yourself getting lost in the words and just writing and writing and not thinking about anything else. The words just flow out of you onto the page. It doesn’t make sense to think about where these words and ideas come from, you can’t actually make sense of it. It just happens.

That flow state occurs when you’re cooking: you’re mixing ingredients and making a new recipe and for some reason everything just clicks together and you’re able to produce an incredible dish but you have no idea how you managed to do so.

That flow state occurs in all things. It’s lurking in the shadows, and you can tap into it whenever you want. You just have to know how to let go of everything else and sync with the rhythm.

Syncing with the rhythm of your flow state isn’t hard as much as it is hard - that’s the funny thing about it. To sync with your flow state is as simple/difficult as doing nothing. Focusing on nothing.

It’s as simple/difficult as being a child. A child who’s simply curious about everything. Just a curious child looking to play with ideas and objects and make them form and disform all at the same time. Not looking for a specific purpose or reason to do something but rather, sitting down and just doing whatever flows.

Entering this flow state is my goal each and every day I wake up. I want to sync up with this ethereal flow. I want to make it a habit to sync up every day, multiple times a day.

This state happens when I produce my best work. When I’m able to write more than I’ve ever written before. When the words just flow onto the page and I lose track of time.

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I'd like to say that getting into this state (of subconsious) can also be trained. I found that light meditation (e.g. "slow flow yoga") helps to access this in various moments when you need it, especially sitting down and doing your work! There is a nice book about a writers struggles to write called the War Of Art by Steven Pressfied. He describes what you wrote as "letting the muse in", a force that enters us when we do a creative work, something greater than us that we should respect and nourish. A nice post, thank you!

Bravo que creación , la mezcla de colores es espectacular, felicitaciones, me encanto ese diseño, refleja serenidad, frescura, paz, se asemejan el diseño a mándalas.

The hardest is to simply start

You are very creative, excellent photo

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Beautiful design, very colorful. You had a lot of ebb and flow.

Wow, really impressive. I'm really not creative. I think a lot and everytime I have a "new" idea, it comes from something I saw, or heard. This morning I tried to follow a regressive hypnosis (on youtube) and when I tried to visualize some moment in my past, I saw some imagine of me coming from some picture I remember. You have really a gift! Congratulation


Hey!! Don't say you're not creative, that's the worst thing you can do. Your brain is incredibly obedient, and if you say things like that he's gonna try to obey you no matter what! Instead, you should repeat every day in front of the mirror: I am creative, I am smart, I am an artist or whatever you wanna be successful in. And don't worry if you get inspired by something you saw or heard, because eeevery master piece has been inspired by something else! Ask Poe, Picasso and whoever you want.

I'm sorry for my terrible English, but i needed to tell you this!!


Hola mariamsinn, no te preocupes por mi! 😘 Es que casi tengo 40 años y me conozco bastante bien. Crear de la nada es algo que ni me gusta mucho, soy mas una persona de numeros, encontrar soluciones y hacer cosas nuevas pero buscando inspiracion en lo que veo cada dia. Ademas pienso que soy muy inteligente. Ingles y español no son mi idiomas, entonces yo tal vez no logro explicarme bien. Gracias por tu comentario!

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Lograste explicarte perfectamente. Entiendo entonces.

Un fuerte abrazo.

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Es excelente esa capacidad de entender el sentido de la vida y reflejarlo en alguna creación. La conexión mencionada promueve la creatividad, efectivamente, cuando ejercitamos esa capacidad en vivencias cotidianas y sobre todo aquellas que disfrutamos y sentimos con la inocencia y la entrega de un niño. Me encanta ese punto de vista y también anhelo ese tipo de conexión.

Really beautiful ..!

Monty Python's John Cleese spent a great deal of time and research on creativity in the work place:

Smart guy who knows the value of playing around.


Hmm. I'll check that out, thanks for sharing it!! Creativity in the work place is amazing and should be more well implemented!

Every day I find myself trying to reach that flow state, and when I finally do it is just incredibly divine... It's more like an ecstatic state, you know?


Yes!! It's an ecstatic feel for sure, it's the best feeling in the world when you're working on your muse and doing what you love to do most in the world!

free good post thanks


Thank you!! I really loved this post when I made it! This is my muse ;)

Yes, the question that arises where we find the psychological comfort is sure to find when we practice sports when traveling and when practicing hobbies we like swimming, playing football to non - Dalk We must rest and improve our soul so that we can continue this life.


Absolutely, pursuing your passion and the things you love most in the world are great for the spirit and drive to get better and live a happier life!