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This has definitely been a hot topic all across the blockchain over the past day or so. It's been quite a wild ride to see how this played out.

For those of you who don't know the true history of DLive, I recommend you check out a great post by Heimindanger that explains it far better than I could.

Heimindanger is much more in tune to what's really been going on than I am.

Many other seem to have a pretty substantial amount of knowledge about the whole ordeal.

I didn't become aware of many of these things until yesterday when I heard about it all from them.

In my own way of synthesizing this, here we go:

DLive and the founders of DLive started building their own token platform for video content on the web. They call it "decentralized" but in reality, their service is far from decentralized.

It's in fact centralized in a plethora of ways that I won't go into specifically. The only thing that somehow connects it to decentralization is through blockchain/token technology, but even then, the vast majority of their private token has been given to private investors, owners and employees of DLive (to my knowledge).

So not even their token is decentralized...

To make matters worse, DLive has full manipulated the economy and community of Steem. They've acted as if their intention was to make the Steem community better through their DApp (DLive) and improve the way we all stream and interact with the blockchain.

In reality, they were just biding their time - they were leveraging the Steem community in order to siphon their userbase from Steem as well as the protocol of the Steem blockchain related to rewards.

They begged Steemit,Inc for a delegation for millions of STEEM and they got what they wanted.

They then used that delegation to pay themselves and their employees and also upvote streamers (upvoting streamers isn't bad, but keep in mind that DLive was collecting 25% of each upvote as curation rewards the whole time...)

So they basically manipulated the community and the economy of the Steem blockchain in order to make themselves richer and siphon a userbase just to later abandon the blockchain for their own, more centralized version.

What do you think of this whole ordeal?

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This post needs FACT CHECKING!
Red Flag: Dlive never collected benefactor fees. They never begged for Steem Power, and appeared first as just another dApp idea.
The rest smells fishy. Sorry

(I want to preface this by saying that I'm not trying to be nasty with you in any way shape or form. I just want to lay out the facts as they are for people to judge on their own. I respect your opinion, but you can't ignore what DLive has done and hidden from the community. Please keep an open mind. Thanks for taking the time to respond here.)

I'm sorry, but those facts you mention need a few checks. When in the post did I mention that they collected beneficiary rewards?

I said that they collected 25% CURATION rewards, which is 100% true. Just go through their upvote history if you don't believe me.

2nd, they did in fact contact Ned and misled him to believe that they were trying to better the Steem blockchain and build a long-term DApp on here. All the while, they were already in a discreet partnership with the Lino founders... (The Lino founders and the founder of DLive went to college together, another fact that you're free to research).

They did not appear as just another DApp idea... They simply wanted to appear that way and thus, their propoganda supported such an image. They had the idea for DLive on the Lino blockchain before they had the idea for DLive on the Steem blockchain. That much has been proven already.

I recommend you watch the recent AMA with the founder of DLive... It's very eye opening to the facts. His shiftiness and demeanor say all that needs to be said.

I totally agree with you mr @triptolemus ,i think this is a total robbery and scam at the same time,but do have any solution to what we can do about it?

What?! I gotta look further into this, this is just cruel...

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Nothing in life is free.

Capital has to be generated for employees, et al to be paid.

How the capital is generated is an agreement between them and those who 'loan' them the money.

DLive wants to be the next YouTube; and, has the potential to at least compete on some level, as does BitChute, etc.

Taking a percentage of earnings is a personal choice of those who upload to DLive.

I guess I need to know more before deeming DLive a negative.

I personally like the various apps available in the STEEM economy; and, don't see this app taking away real bloggers from Steemit. And, those who vlog, do so primarily to generate crypto; just as YouTube is used to generate fiat.


this is a good and interesting idea.

I'm not truly sure about this whole thing but I would like to mention that if they are not giving steem anymore then there is no point.

thank you for this information and update, this is gives little info about the product , i will follow you

I am using D live and it quite easy than D tube

Great post! I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.