He Who Cooks the Food Should Taste It

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Wow! I was watching an interview about the potential of a market drop and many of the different issues we have today in our society when it comes to risk-takers versus people who just "talk" and don't actually do anything...

This interview was amazing and I listened to it by recommendation of close friend!

Anyways, one of the central ideas of the interview was that whoever cooks the food, should taste it before feeding it to anyone else.

This idea applies broadly to all aspects of life.

If you give advice, you should only be giving the advice that you've actually taken yourself and put into practice - you've tasted the food you're about to serve.

If you're telling someone about the Steem blockchain and explaining it to them, you should have experience on the blockchain - you've used Steemit and you've experimented with some DApps and thus, you've tasted your own food!

It's a simple concept but as you can see, you can simply apply it to anything in life.

What's 1 application of this idea in your life? Share in the comments below!


I agree, but only partially, one can give advice on something that you haven't experienced yourself, simply because you have enough experience in other domains, that you can transfer and still be trustworthy.
However, way too many people indeed talk without walking their own talk, or as you say it, never tasted the food they're serving...

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I agree with you on a certain level.. You can give broader advice that you've cultivated from other areas, but I think it's important to add the caveat that the advice is generalized and pulled from another domain and may or may not play out accordingly to the domain you're giving advice on.

You make a good point though --> many lessons translate from wide array of domains!

True, I can totally agree on that! ;-)

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