Challenge Yourself to Be Better and Move On

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When I read this quote, I’m reminded of family ties and close friendships. Sometimes, being in relationships can be very very challenging. People may do something that we don’t like and they may piss us off from time to time.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”Viktor E. Frankl

We all have our own individual wants, needs and quirks and it’s inevitable that people will step on your toes from time to time.

I’m also reminded of driving my car. When driving, there can always be little situations that arise that can piss you off.

We all know of the phenomenon known as road rage. It’s a real thing. If you’ve never seen someone stick their head out of the window and scream at a nearby driver or give them the middle finger or the most typical situation - they do both, then consider yourself one of the lucky few.

I see people get mini-road rage on what seems to be like a weekly basis. Someone will pull in front of someone else and then 1 driver will just freak out and have a mini breakdown! It’s insanity!

This quote would serve such people very well in their lives. It would make their lives so much less stressful and so much more positive. Positivity paves the way to a happier life after all.

You have to remind yourself that it’s inevitable that situations will arise that you’re not going to like. In fact, you may even hate such situations.

You have to remind yourself that it’s ok to feel a little angry from time to time, but you should allow that anger to wash over you and then release away. It should not hold you for 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week… It’s a few moments of anger and then a release.

Release it because you cannot change the situation. If the situation arises and there’s no way for you to fix it - like someone cutting you off in traffic, for example, then you ought to just realize that your reaction determines your ultimate feeling.

If you want that little situation to ruin your day, then by all means, exhibit some outlandish road rage.

If, however, you want to just move on an enjoy the rest of your day, then remind yourself that the situation is challenging you to be the bigger person. To get over it and to realize that the other person may have x, y, or z reasons for cutting you off and it won’t do any good to stay upset about it.

Life throws little roadblocks our way from time to time, it’s our responsibility to face these head on and realize that sometimes we must look within and be the bigger person in order to move on and live a positive life.

When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that you were upset with and later realized that you could’ve just let it go and moved on and had a great day?

Will you try to keep this quote in mind for the future? Will you try to allow those feelings of anger to release and just challenge yourself to be the bigger person and move on?

Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments :)

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Wow amazing photography

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Thank you!! I'm glad you love it!

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live with love leaving anger and resentment behind, because that makes people sick and does not let a happier world advance

If you are always seeking to be "better" a person will inevitably feel inadequate. Accepting things as is and moving forward is functional. When you create that kind of contrast a person will always feel life can "better" without having gratitude for what is...

Thank you so much for such a delicious post. I am so much happy reading this.I want to read more from you.


I'm glad you love it!! Stay tuned, I try to write as often as possible!

well.. easy to said but harder to do, especially meeting with someone without thinking in the road, which is always bypass all others in maximum speed....


I agree, it's easy to fly right past people and not think it!

@triptolemus I think the situation which we cannot change or control either we have to adjust with it or avoid it rather than being upset on that situation and ruin our day ...
But sometimes apply this thought in our life is also a difficult task...

좋은 글 잘 읽었습니다


Thank you for reading!


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Enjoying the difficulty of the challenge, for me at least, increases over time. I like feeling the resisitance of the good decision. It's a reminder I'm making progress.


yes, difficulty is a great compass in the adventure for success!

Accepting that everything is fleeting has helped me in these couple of years. Inevitable situations usually make me angry and I dread every moment of it, even moments getting to it. I realised it had ruined my time and life. So ever since I had to take up that huge challenge in my life, it changed the way I think about acceptance. And I'm happy to finally understand that acceptance is really the way to go through any challenges in life.

Challenges really in life re a stepping stone


I agree.. just stepping stones toward inevitable success!

That's absolutely true, you have to challenge yourself every single day to be better every day

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I agree, you have to constantly work hard to improve!

I meet in adversity thousands of opportunities to improve every day I can not imagine life without obstacles I think it would not make much sense jejejej


Absolutely.. Life wouldn't be much of a life without hurtles to jump over by getting better each day!


Absolutely!! Life is all about the hurtles that you jump over in order to improve and move forward