Can Investing Change Your Life?

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This is a question that I ask myself a lot. It’s also a question that I discuss a lot with close friends of mine.

It’s very important to wonder about and not just wonder, but also to research and inform yourself about.

Investment opportunities are everywhere. If you know the fundamental principles of investing, then you can spot these opportunities in just about every direction you look.

Investment opportunities that are life-changing are more rare. We don’t come across them as often, but we do see them occasionally.

Seeing them is very different than taking them. It’s very different than doing research and doing some more research and informing yourself and then making an informed decision. That takes a lot of extra effort that many people won’t put in.

Many people will simply use an advisor or some other form of “professional” to give them advice on how to invest their money and even their time. They won’t rely on their own intuition and they won’t become a practitioner.

Become a Practitioner of Investing

Researching and talking about investing isn’t enough. You have to embed yourself in the craft.

Just as with any other skill in life, the key to mastering the craft is embedding yourself in the craft. How do you embed yourself in the craft?

You do so by putting in some work. Putting effort and time into mastering it.

It begins with becoming obsessed with the craft. Having a voracious curiosity for learning everything you can about the craft of investing.

4 things that I do each day to embed myself in the craft:

  1. Reading about the craft - biographies, how to’s, dictionaries, etc. anything that relates to the craft of investing - investopedia is another great resource
  2. Writing about the craft - reading is great but one of the best ways to solidify learning is by writing about it
  3. Following masters of the craft - following masters of the craft can be on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Steemit, etc. You can find them everywhere. They are the ones who are absolutely obsessed with the craft and embed themselves in it as well. They are the ones who are practitioners themselves and know what they are doing and have done well for themselves. The idea here is quality over quantity - don’t follow 100 investors loosely, follow 1-5 investors very closely. Watch every move they make and analyze their methodologies and decision-making.
  4. Practicing the craft - action is a great teacher. Failure is yet another great teacher. Practicing the craft and being willing to fail often and learn from your mistakes is the best way to learn any craft, especially investing. You can only learn so much by watching, you haves to start doing if you want to actually master something.

That’s why action is my favorite. Practictionership is extremely underrated in an interconnected society where we can vicariously live through other practitioners.

It can be easy to forget to practice the craft yourself. It can be easy to sit on the sidelines and analyze everyone else while never picking up the ball yourself. Don’t be one of those people!

Back to Steem:

Steem is a great investment opportunity for many reasons, but you will never know why unless you embed yourself in the culture and the nuances of the platform.

The DApps, the conversations, the technology. You need to learn it all.

You need to spend time understanding what makes the platform so amazing and so undervalued. The token (STEEM) that drives the platform is EXTREMELY undervalued and only a true practitioner of investing & the Steem blockchain can understand why that is so.

What are your thoughts on Steem? Are you a practitioner of the platform? Have you been learning everything you can about it so that you can make informed decisions?

By the way, none of this is investment advice, just 1 man’s opinion!

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investing in btc can change your life

I invest my some money every month...

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I think your opinion is very valuable, especially about learning everything about STEEM to be a good investor. I still don't understand everything. I don't even look at the meaning of crypto currencies term such as hardfork, etc. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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Yes, it can!

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Thanks for sharing your opinion!!! And yes, I believe it can, and I believe steem can change your life.

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yes sir this is all about fundamental principles of investing,

la inversion en cualquier linea debe ser considerada siempre como algo positivo ...creo que steemit a pesar de estar infravalorado encontrara recompensa a largo tiempo ...Coca cola solo vendio 24 canastas de refresco en su primer año y si miramos es un producto dañino pero steemit es un refresco para el espiritu pues aprendes y de paso ganas dinero ....solo es cuestion de tiempo .Saludos amigo buen post

True. If I put in a bit more work on technical analysis it would help me out a lot. I van read the peoples sentiment on a topic pretty well and if I could substantiate that with some solid TA it would come a long way.

Thanks for information.

Ha-ha haaaaa
When we have Lot of money then we can invest naa

Gracias por la información.

Steem has an intellectual base for growth, and it is more expensive than bare money. Of course, he has the potential and in many respects depends on each member of steemit to open it.


Haha thanks! What was your favorite part of the post?

It seems to me that steemit is a wise investment, the publications generate a lot of knowledge, I learn and have fun, besides they pay you for that, what else can you expect from this wonderful platform.


I agree!!! The platform of Steem is so amazing - we're able to invest, learn, build relationships and socialize all in the same place!! I love it here!

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Pues la verdad la inversión si puede cambiar tu vida aunque al principio lo veas como una perdida mas.

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Thanks! I'm so happy that you liked the post!