【Garden】"Tonogayato Garden" located in Kokubunji, Tokyo. Part 2

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1. Introduction

Continue to deliver a stroll through the "Tonogayato Garden" of kaiyu style garden in Kokubunji, Tokyo (previous article is this)


This Tonogayato Garden was planted as a villa of Eguchi Sadae (later Vice President Chancellor Ogata) from 1913 (Taisho 2nd) to 1915 (Taisho 4th year) with the hands of the gardener Sengoku. In 1929 (Showa 4), Iwasaki Hikoyata, a founder of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu, bought it as a separate residence, and added Western style mansion, Masakiya style tea room (Koyotei) etc., which was designed by Tsuda Chisel. The redevelopment plan of this garden was lifted in the Showa 40 's, but after the residents' movement seeking to preserve triggered the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 1974 (Showa 49), after the maintenance as a park, 1979 (Showa 54) 4 It was opened as a paid garden from the moon.

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2. Waking

I will go through the bamboo grove.


It's beautiful and wonderful! The coloring of the trees is beautiful so that you want to vocalize.


I came to a crossroads. I will go to "Pond / Kouyoutei".


I will go down the stone steps.


I saw "Jiro Benten Pond" at the eastern end of the Tonogayato Garden.


This Jirobenten pond was made as a well-shaped pond at the time of building a puddle created by gathering Shimizu (known as brush water) that springs from the Kokubunji cliff line. In addition, the spring water which is the water source of this pond is the famous water which was believed as "Jirobenten's Kiyomizu" for a long time, poured into Nogawa.


It is a paradise in green. What is visible on the north side of benten pond is Kouyoutei.


I will go to the spring water source near Jiro Benten pond.


Flowers are beautiful.


You can see Kouyoutei right above.


Since the charm of Tonogayato Garden is located on a sloping ground called Kokubunji cliff line, it is also attractive to enjoy the landscape skillfully utilizing this height difference.


There was "spring water source".


This spring water source is earth water of the life of the earth produced by the Kokubunji cliff line (commonly known as brush).


Jomon people are supposed to heal thirst in here.


The spring water of Tonogayato Garden has also been chosen as the 57th spring of Tokyo's famous spring water.


3. Summarize

Today is over here. Next is 「【Garden】Kaiyu style garden "Tonogayato Garden" located in Kokubunji, Tokyo. Enjoy the colored leaves of the Japanese garden! Part 3」 will be delivered so please look forward to it!

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Location information
● Japan, Tokyo, Kokubunji, 南町二丁目2 Chome−16, 殿ヶ谷戸庭園

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【Garden】"Tonogayato Garden" located in Kokubunji, Tokyo. Part 2

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