Hi! Glad you like my guide 😊
Hotells in New York is rather expensive 😕 you could get a room at central manhattan for amout 100$ a night, if you chose to live in brooklyn, you might get on at about 80$ a night, airbnb is not much lower in price either, you might want to look for a hotell further out on queens or maybe in new jersy if you are on a low budget, but then you have to travel in to the city and spend money on the subway so you might not make that big deal on that. I really hope you could go there some day, you would like it 👍🏼😊

Wow. Really great to see your reply. I will take note of all of what u have written here. So to get from one point to another, there are the subways that reach to these areas? How much do you usually pay for each meal?


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