God Told Me Just To Finish All The Pieces I’ve Started

in tribevibes •  3 months ago 

“Sigil for Harmony with my partner: pen & ink with magic marker, 8” x 10”

K & J live and communicate in harmony

I asked God regarding the Artist’s block I have been experiencing since last year or more- He told me in intuitive thought that I have at least 50 drawings I’ve started and not finished- so finish them... and then I won’t feel blocked...




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wow! you have so many unfinished pieces, no wonder you felt a little backlogged! i hope to see finished pieces coming out of your blog one after another now :)

this one looks really neat, Joanna <3 i love the composition and the colours very much !!!

you are RIGHT!!! I used to have a commitment to never start another piece till I finished the one I was working on, but when I started doing these intuitive drawings they just came so fast that I could not keep up so I started doing 3 pieces at a time and then i guess I got complacent and just started pieces and did not finish them...so it's time...


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I could not be happier after seeing this work of yours

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Finishing things we've started can be gold. If our heart is still connected and the project is worth our further investment of time. Whether God tells you, or your unsettled conditioned subconscious does, it matters not. Sometimes it's also OK to consider the idea, and gently decline. :)

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Yea - I don't say NO to God... it was God that told me - because I prayed for an answer and then it came in as an intuitive thought download - so it was the answer to prayer... I always check the direction I get through a series of filters - is it selfish? is it dishonest? is it for personal gain? will it help others? and if the suggestion is truly weird, I call a friend and discuss it, but i rely on the Creator for my sustenance so I never say NO to "Him"... I have in the past tried that and it brings on horrible consequences...