Who to ask what you are worth?

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If you are doubting what you are worth, ask God.
S/he is the only one who really knows.
Because we are sons and daughters of God.
And God loves us.
And will always remind us, when we ask.


'Don't you know?
You are our dearest daughter.
You can never do anything wrong, because we designed life for improvement and this happens by making mistakes.
So, you're innocent.
And we rejoice in you.
We are excited to spend time with you.
We have patience with you.
We understand you.
We care for your every need, even the ones that you are not aware of.
We are closer to your heart then the blood that pulses there.
We honour you for all you have enjoyed and all you have suffered.
We respect you.
We protect you.
You know, like a knight in shining armour.
We bless you.
We embrace you.
We bestow grace on you.
We nourish you.
We cherish you.
And we are helping you to finally release your darkest fears.
Not because we hate you but because we love you and want you to be able to breathe freely.
So hold on,
and remember that we are right there beside you, when you pass one last time through your darkest dungeons and when you have found there what you have left behind so long ago, we'll take you up the stairways to leave those dungeons behind forever. Bringing you and your long lost treasure of trust up in to the loving light with us to be free.
We love you.
We have full faith in you.


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