What does it mean to be a lightworker? Tribesteemup biweekly question.

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I believe that in principle we are all lightworkers, as we humans have been given the light of consciousness, unlike the rest of creation on earth. This means we are actually supposed to use this consciousness to guard the rest of creation on earth.
Many of us don't, because we have fallen asleep and are barely aware of our state of consciousness, but some of us are awake. Maybe because we have been on this merry go round on earth a bit longer ( meaning more lives) then others and have learned to stay awake in all this confusion, maybe because we come from another, more evolved planet.
However the ones that are awake are gladly made use of as instruments for evolution by the cosmic forces in the universe that guide our evolution in Love.

So who are those lightworkers?

It's the pioneers! The people with more awareness then others that are helpful in the cosmic plan to pave the evolutionary path for the rest of the more sleepy humanity. (I think Steemit is full of them!)
These lightworkers have a heavy job in a way because they're the ones that chisel a path through the mountain of our collective subconscious, so that others can follow. They are often gentle souls that prioritise Life/Love/the Divine and are usually in the habit of forgetting themselves. They deserve way more respect then they are normally given by the more sleepy part of humanity, but I guess that is part of their karmic package guiding them towards prioritising the right things.

What does this work look like?

Well you usually don't get salary for it, unless you are part of Tribesteemup 😉, but it's the best rewarded job ever. ( It pays in good karma and above all a lifting of consciousness) It can be as simple as doing your own inner work and thereby preparing the way for others. You know how, when a critical mass of monkeys figure out how to open a nut with a stone, that this knowledge then automatically transfers to all monkey's of the same species, by the principle of morphic resonance? This also goes for humans. So when enough people successfully tackle a hard theme inside themselves that's been too hard to acces for most people, even for hundreds of years/generations, say sexual abuse, then it becomes easier for others to acknowledge and heal their own issues with it. It seems to me that the lightworker not only heals their own theme but is also working in the collective subconscience and shining their light of consciousness on the theme. This does not always happen consciously, but often uses up quite a lot of their life force energy. So they can feel tired and worn out at times without having done a lot of physical work, but they are often also full of a loving light and inner warmth, which largely makes up for being tired.

Recent theme's lightworkers are working on:

As we are crossing from third- through fourth- to fifth dimensional consciousness. Lightworkers are now releasing their own inner convictions that originate from third dimensional thinking: Looking for your value outside of yourself.
Be it in another person, in a job or in your achievements. It just doesn't seem to give them fulfilment anymore. They are all looking to find that unconditional approval from their own inner light.
They are also letting go of pushing their own responsibility on to something outside of themselves:
Be it responsibility for how they are feeling, for what their choices are or for where they are heading. Third dimensional thinking has great ways to achieve that: Projection, shame and blame.
They are working hard to step outside of this way of thinking, paving the way for everyone who doesn't understand the importance of stepping in to our own power yet, which they do by owning their own responsability.
Another big theme that earth is ready for solving is the balancing between the feminine and masculine energies and qualities. Lightworkers are doing their best to embrace both their inner masculine and inner feminine and promote these two sides working together, leading to a more balanced life for themselves and a good example for others.

So apart from the occasional spectacular and instant magical transformation of dark clouds above buildings were politicians meet, thereby influencing their decision making positively, the work lightworkers do is very simple and down to earth and therefore of the utmost importace.
Yay! for all the lightworkers who do their best to pave the way in a not always appreciative world!
You guys are doing a great job!

I hope this was insightful.
If so please follow and upvote for more.

Lots of Love Clara @wombloom


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