Our original innocent blueprint

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What are your thoughts on this? How are we wired? Are we wired as innocent beings with a strong tendency for love and happiness? Or should we beware of our 'evil' nature and strife for the good as we are inherently sinful?

There are many ruling thoughts on this, one of the main ones being the bible story of original sin.
This is the story of Genesis about Eve eating the forbidden fruit and thus casting Adam and herself out of paradise. Read out of our original paradise DNA coding.

I am not going to say that there isn't some truth to this story of how mistakes have been made in human evolution which has altered our DNA coding, but these mistakes are in my opinion part of our story and can be overcome.
More about that here:


What's more important about this story of Adam and Eve, is the point from which we started: Innocence. That is our original blueprint. That is how we were originally. Living in love, trust and abundance. This is how God created us. And not operating from fear and a feeling af shortage.
And there is a part of the text of the same book the genesis story came from, the bible, which in my opinion very strikingly talks about just that:

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." 2 Timothy 1:7

I find this line amazingly beautiful, as it affirms for me our inherent strong and healthy nature of love.
This to me means that abundance, trust and love is much easier to reach then when we have to fight our 'evil nature' through discipline and in that way overcome it and 'become' loving creatures. No! We already ARE loving creatures! All we need to do is remember! The knowledge is in us! It even lies in our DNA. I think the most important tool to activate our original innocent blueprint is our awareness that it is there, at the core of our DNA. The power of awarenes is the strongest power we have. More about that here:


Other ways of activating our original blueprint:

Listening to sacred text being chanted, the texts also hold an original innocent blueprint captured in sound and in that way it resets everything on all planes of existence. Physical, emotional, mentally and spiritually:

The veda's are amazing for me to reset me:

Taking a medicine called colloidal gold, also works on the original DNA potential:


Anything that makes you genuinely feel love, trust and abundance restructures the right pathways in to our being.

So go ahead and do those things!

I'm excited for all of us to remember who we are, not just spiritually but all the way down to the physical level. To feel safe in our bodies and on the earth. We may always encounter some difficulties on the earthly plane of existence but wouldn't it be so much easier to deal with them from a strong base of love and trust in abundance?

I hope this gave you a good feeling, cause that's what I write for.

Lots of Love Clara @wombloom

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We are very much blessed and holy beasts. Everyone of us carries the seed of love within from the moment of first consciousness. Every emotion that we can manifest, from wondrous joy to bleakest sorrow to scorching anger, exists for a reason; and is righteous. The terrible perversions of our feelings, such as hatred and despair... these are caused not by the presence of some imaginary sin, but from our very attempts to sublimate our beastly divinity. They are but spiritual blood clots, that when cleared away, no longer blight our purpose.


Beautiful, yes we are innocent!

It is so important to embrace all sides of ourselves, and I believe we are born feeling and expressing true love, it just gets knocked out of us along the way sometimes, or rewired like you said, but it is still there we just need to remember xxx


Yes we do! You're so right!