Celebrating @Tribesteemup With a New Banner in My Posts :)

in tribesteemup •  9 months ago

Thanks to @eco-alex for providing the original image I used here to create my own version of his banner for @tribesteemup. I liked the original, but I'm more of an orange/red person at the moment :)

For those who don't know, @tribesteemup is a group of likeminded Steemians who share a goal of helping to cause peace on Earth and to help us heal and evolve together successfully. High quality writers/posters who cover topics such as peace, veganism, music creation, self sufficiency, healing and other related subjects that help us grow might find they are invited to participate. The benefits include regular exposure on Steemit through posts, such as this one from @trucklife-family which regularly exposes his picks of the latest posts in the tribesteemup.. erm.. tribe :)

There's also a significant amount of Steem Power behind the tribe currently so everyone involved gets a good vote from that every day too.

I'll be adding this clickable banner to my post signature from now on as it's a worthy project to support.


Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Wow, @tribesteemup sounds like something I would be interested in :)). My way of healing myself and others is through meditation. I am still learning and exploring the possibilities that it offers, but it literally changed my life! I wrote a post about it a while back - https://steemit.com/life/@bellydancegirl/mindfulness-and-meditation - which reminds me that I've got to blog more about mindfulness, meditation and incorporating them into our daily lives. Thank you for sharing this!


You are welcome! Yes, meditation has a place in healing, certainly - the main issue is being clear about not involving denial of self in the process by accident.. Such as 'Shut up emotions.. I am meditating now, leave me alone' ;)


LOL :)) Recognizing and accepting your own emotions certainly help!! :)

I like what you done with the banner @ura-soul, the colours are great, I'm a she by the way, I do get a lot of people thinking I'm a guy cos of the name the truck always confuses people x


haha, thanks - ok - i did wonder about your gender when i wrote that, but yes, i did foolishly judge it based on the truck aspect. I sit corrected ;)


Thats HILARIOUS Truckie!!!

Very grateful that my family and I can also be a part of @tribesteemup (:

Oooh can i have the PINK one!! I likie...