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RE: Bringing the soil back to life with microbes: You've got to see this!! Desert to diversity in one season.

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Hello again @nickhans visiting again since @thelaundrylady featured you for this week's Pay It Forward Curation Contest.

Another awesome post, I am big believer in permaculture and in Taos, I can bet that was no easy task. I may pick your brain since I live in a similar climate have had some struggles. Keep up the great work you're doing!!


Thanks! I am just learning the basics of permaculture. I am a vegetable grower primarily... I have just been super inspired to move forwards with permaculture ideas. This is an excellent region to do that kind of thing, because as soon as you control and hold moisture in place, and then add organic matter back, you can see major transformations. This is a desert - but also very green, things like oak trees and willow trees grow here, for example. So once land is remediated, it seems that it will stay that way with very little input. So, there is a huge amount of potential for permaculture here. Thanks for reading! I appreciate it

For now, I just want to get to the point where we grow our own vegetables and find an adequate watering system. I was looking into a keyhole garden. I had been using raised beds but with the wind and the heat in the summer things dry out quickly.

I am really struggling with that this year. It's hot, windy and dry.. more than normal.. barely any rain for months. That other garden looks beautiful now, but during the time it was getting established, the weather was more cooperative. My new spot I am at now is having issues establishing because of the drought and harsh conditions. We were getting over 50 degree swings in temperature every day for a while, for example. It's really an exercise in perseverance but I am moving forward everyday. Row cover and mulch has helped some. Anyways, best of luck....

Most welcome to sir