A Foray Into Daily Video Content on the Blockchain

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This week was marks my very first Dtube adventures in uploading. I've compiled each of the posts here for anyone who is interested in following along on the journey.

I'm curious about this platform of epic potential as it expands into video content. I'm posting a video per day for the next month, to see what we can make of it together as a community. It's all about Process over Perfectionism in these parts, right y'all? If anyone has ANY ADVICE WHATSOEVER about Dtube, Dlive, and video content on the Steem Blockchain in general, PLEASE please plllleeeeeeaaase do share in the comments down below!

Now won't you come join me for the ride?

The first video, and my premier upload to Dtube, is done in the Storytime style that I so adore on. . . (drops voice to stage whisper). . . YouTube. . .

This is the first of of many stories about my personal trial and travails as a solo female traveler, reformed Hippy, and former Circus Freak that I intend to share with you here on the blockchain, in tandem with the channel I'm building on YouTube. Feel free to come and find me in either realm.

Find the Steemit post here

Next I invite you to come wander with me down memory lane as my college best friend and I relive the process of how we met, some of our earliest stories, and the culminating peak of our adventures.

We explore the nature of friendship and the seeming immortality of youth, as well as our experience winning a Grant from Roadtrip Nation to film ourselves exploring the West Coast through all sorts of music festivals and misadventures.

Find the Steemit post here

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Well I've been around it a few times, and learned a handful of valuable lessons... Let me share them with you here in our third installment:

In this video, I chat with a dear friend of mine who is also multi-lingual and has worked, lived, and taught in many different countries. I pick her brain about how humor translates and what it takes to learn another language, among many other topics, from love to the quality of pizza in Portugal. . .

Find the Steemit post here

Next up, my sister gives me a HUGE amount of her makeup (she may very well be a shopaholic) and explains how to use it. I'm not the most savvy when it comes to this sort of thing, so she breaks the techniques and lingo down to beginner level for me, and I learn A LOT. We have fun along the way. . . and stay tuned! This is the first in an upcoming series.

Find the Steemit post here

Thanks for tuning in! Please Follow/ Subscribe? Comment, and let's build some community! I could really use your feedback, input, support, and strategy, if you're willing to share!

In case you dwell with one foot on either side of the divide, and move among those of us who call the entire internet our domain, come find me on:

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