Day 2 and thankful for good friends and old times...

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Over the past year and since moving to Taos it's been hard for me to hang with others and build new connections and friendships. This is mostly because I'm just way too busy and don't make / can't find the time. This is of course with the exception of my dog Big Boy... he is awesome and we are definitely best friends!

Anyway, I have built a few really strong connections with a few really rad people. But I just don't take the time to go kick it and meet anyone. I used to be surrounded by people and new faces all the time, but not so much these days. It seems like all I do is work on different jobs and projects, like the farm and carpentry side work and fixing all the mechanical things. And then at night of course I want a little time for myself to unwind, play a few tunes... and then the day is over and I am feeling worn out and wanna hit the hay. Been playing that on repeat for a while now!

It's interesting to consider the pressures society places on us as individuals to be productive. Does it mean to produce something for society, or to assume the identity of a product, as in we are a product of society? Still trying to figure that one out.

I have something driving my decision making process right now that has been driving me for quite a while and it's the determination to excel at what I love to do. This seems at face value to be a good idea and something worth striving for. Clearly, for many people, it is the only thing worth striving for.

Well I think this value system is good in ways but also dangerous because it does put so much emphasis on 'production'. We get so wrapped up trying to be productive, whatever that really means, that we forget to just be ourselves.

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So what I am grateful for today is that I have the perspective and frame of reference to recognize this. Even though it's not really in the cards for a while, I'm gonna start taking steps to take some time for myself. To have some fun and get out in the world. I wanna hit up the swimming holes with Big, visit friends, and just get out and enjoy this new place I'm in. It's crazy because I've been here a year and still feel like I haven't explored much. Been sitting out on this hill too damn long!

Time to change all that.

Tomorrow is another day, and a busy one! But, I am adding to my ambitions the determination to get out and see the world, and I don't even necessarily mean by travel. And to experience new diversity in life once again! This is a goal that can be implemented whether I have the resources and ability to hit the road a bit or now.

I am super excited to have come to this conclusion and grateful to be implementing it. The things I am grateful for keep me moving forward and feeling positive. Now I can add this realization to that list. I'm about to bring that balance back to my life that I've been needing. When the pendulum swings far, now I'll have gained more perspective about what this side really feels like. Writing this out is helping me realize just how powerful this little challenge is going to be for me! Life is cool like that I guess.

Anyway thanks for reading! Please feel free to upvote or comment below :)

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It is good you realize the fact that finding a balance between work and fun is important.

Since you moved to another country it is probably normal to be as productive as possible because moving is never easy. But you are wise enough to recognize that after a while, the balance needs to set it and more leisure time with others is the best way forward.

Cheers mate!

It's pretty much another country even though it's just another state. Completely different in every way from Louisiana though!