WRITE YOUR WILL Weekend Workshop. (Please share your input.)

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"Write Your Will"

Our world is so litigious, that when you hear or see the word "will," you might first think about a legal document with instructions on what to do with your stuff after your death.

This workshop is not about that kind of will.

It deals with your inner resources DURING YOUR LIFE. It explores several deeper meanings of will, such as:

  • What do you wish to be an inevitable event in your life?

  • What future do you desire?

  • How do you use your determination, resolve, and imagination, in the service of your larger destiny?

These questions might sound lofty or impractical, but they are actually the easiest to answer because the answers spring from your core, like a seed's thrusting sprout. The work is in clearing a lifetime of calcification, conditioning, and conformity.

Your evolving will is not necessarily a job, career, or title. It's larger than that. It is Your Way of Being in the World. And all that you do -- whether as a mom, a money manager, or a massage therapist -- flows out of that unique Way.

Consider, for example, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Both martial artists, with their own unique expression of that art. The same is true of Beethoven and Bach. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Chris Rock and George Carlin.

When you create and relate from the clarity of your core, 'competition' becomes obsolete. It is exposed for the outdated, buggy tech that it is. Your evolving will cannot be 'cloned', only refined and mastered. And you're the only one with the access to do that development.

Many human endeavors appear caught on a merry-go-round of merchandise, misinformation, and malaise. Modern life is eerily organized in ways that keep us:

  • fragmented (from ourselves, and each other)

  • discontented (with ourselves, and each other)

  • alienated (from natural, wild things)

  • indoctrinated (with disempowering scripts and codes of conduct)

  • sedated (with endless messages of fear, amusement, and acquisition)

These are weakened states to dwell in. And when you really hear the words that the world-at-large speaks, don't they often seem to come from one of these lesser, anemic places?

When we are splintered, like a thin chop-stick, we are then mostly off-base. Unfocused. Dithering here and there. And not getting/showing much return for our unconscious spending of mind-shares and attention.

When we are gathered, like a thick telephone pole, we are then mostly on home-base. Safe. Solidly gaining traction and momentum in return for our conscious investment of mind-shares and attention.


It's just been three weeks that I have been in an environment that supports my ability to listen to life deeply. Already, more has been clarified about my path, than in the previous three years.

It is not length of time, but quality of time that determines how quickly (or dreadfully long) it takes us to get fully in-synch with our own self/soul.


With this post, I am gauging interest in (aka "taking a survey" about) an intense weekend writing workshop with me, in my home in Northern Belize. It would blend:

  • A beautiful, private bedroom and bathroom in a water-front condo, with modern comforts and amenities (If the project shows promise in the marketplace, I'd then share plenty of pictures and a detailed description.)

  • A rewarding writing intensive that leads to several life-long useful practices, with personal care and creative coaching directly with me

  • All nourishing and delicious meals and snacks provided, based on your stated needs/preferences, balanced against what is available in fresh local, markets

  • Nurtured sensory aliveness, while living as the alert, animal-artists that we are!

With enough expressed interest, I'd start offering these (initially) private/tailored workshops this November!


In full transparency, and because relations thrive in clarity, this weekend workshop is intended to:

(1) Catalyze real and true desired outcomes in each participant's heart and life. This requires focused attention, which you have. No matter how fast-moving it might be. You will learn to harness whatever amount, at whatever tempo, you currently have. Trained attention is the most dangerous, high-yielding knife we can ever sharpen.

(2) Cover a lot of inner territory, in a short amount of focused time. Our Friday-to-Sunday will have moderate times of rest and rejuvenation built in, but please do come expecting a rigorous application of yourself, and your will.

(3) Share the best and most useful of what I've been lovingly shown the past 20+ years while I journeyed my creative-spiritual path. In many ways, this workshop is a culmination of my most valued and distilled learnings and experiences. Being in harmony with yourself is an ongoing satisfaction that makes you effervescent. Different. Sparkly. Alive. It is hard to describe, and easy to share. So I'd like to.

(4) Practice human presence. First... an important and official stance to clearly note: This proposed workshop is 100% non-erotic and non-sexual. That is a zero-tolerance, deal-breaking condition. With that understood, this offering is incredibly and mutually vulnerable: I am potentially opening my home to you, and you are opening (if you choose) a core aspect of yourself to me. So there is a high level of maturity, decency, and trustworthiness that is presumed -- and needed -- from us both.

(5) Support the funding of my future, as a 100% independent writer/artist. By directly sharing the peaceful and creative life I have scripted, that very same life can materially sustain itself in joyful ways that help and serve others. (I also get to dote on beings other than my cat, as much as I adore doing that!)

So, that's the sketched idea.

Basically... Airbandb and a writing workshop, have a baby in the tropics!! 🛌🏾✍🏽 🌴

The allotted time is short enough, that other excursions and adventures can easily be added before or after the workshop itself. Do you have any initial thoughts about this??

Especially... legal eagles, biz wizzes, personal security folks, workshop leaders, eco-healers, alchemists, if you've got helpful/pro tips and insights, please share 'em as you're inspired to in the comments.

Everyone, please tell me:

  • Does this sound like something interesting/useful enough that you'd pay for it, and if so, how much would you pay?

  • Does it trigger any cautions or concerns and if so, what are they?

  • Does it arouse any hopes or dreams and if so, what are they?

Thanks for your time, attention, and answers friends. It helps me be of better, more relevant service to those who read my content.

With love + curiosity,
Erika 💙

I have revived one-to-one empathic consultations!

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