I have revived one-to-one empathic consultations!

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Now that I am in one of the most beautiful spaces and peaceful seasons that I have ever experienced, it's a really good time for me to be of deeper service to those who are attracted to my content.

Albert Camus said, "Hell is other people."

I sometimes agree with him.

But not as much as I used to. And that's because I finally got a grip on how much (not much) mingling is good for me. No shame. No blame. And definitely no more attempts to be things that I am not. In the past, I wasted a lot of time:

  • feeling too tired, depressed, and insecure to reach for the things I really wanted (I had a hard enough time even admitting them!)

  • waiting for an external sign of approval, permission, or assurance that it was okay to align my life according to my values and principles

  • building the dreams and empires of others, while putting my own on the back-burner

  • minimizing my gifts and abilities because of a twisted sense of modesty, and a very low self-esteem

  • doubting my personal worth, and the value of what I have to say

  • and sadly, more...


But that's not the case anymore.

If you have ever struggled with any of these things, or would like to learn more about empathic consultation, please visit https://www.empathicwriter.com/

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As a rule, if hell is other people you should hang out with different people. Upgrade. Took me long enough to learn that. I wonder if Camus did.


Thanks, @lensessions.

I can't speak for him, but those words -- for me -- are actually less about a critique of people...

...and more about the pain and frustrations of having to leave the sweet sanctity of your own thought-world, because in order to relate to anyone other than yourself, requires a coming to middle ground...

being open to the exposure of ideas that you really might rather not be bothered with, but in order to relate to anyone other than yourself, requires a coming to middle ground...

and that shared ground is usually LOVELY (as I have also done a great job cleansing my social circles)...

but it's still a public playground, versus your own private orchard.


In that case you expressed it a lot better than he did.

Agree totally, your dreams come first because you only have one chance at life.