Tribe Steem Up Design Contest, Open to EVERYONE!

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Truth, Love, Respect, & Honor.


This is my entry. Thank you very much and may the God bless us all. :)

Nice entry! Thank you!

Nice, update noted. I like the addition.

"Tribe Steem Up Design contest Entry Post"

This is an original painting Psy call "Genesis" - Acrylic

Love the spiral FOL!!! my favorite!

Great concept art! Thank you for your entry, it is a good one!

Thanks!! This took a very long time to paint. It is the mergence of duality, the joining of forces.

I noticed the yin & yang in there for sure!

My entry for this contest
logo copy.jpg

My second entry with steeemit logo and all the requirement

This is my design logo tribe steem up entry post


Thank you for your entry!

here is my entry

Tribe Steem Up Design contest Entry Post


Awesome entry thank you. I am glad to see more tribal themed entries lately. I love kokopellis too.


Here is another. Let us vibe... Ohm... The life force resonance ..
Curves and angles make our reality.
The Vesica Piscis ~ The lens in which the Is-Us witnesses its glory.


Multiple entries are definitely allowed, and encouraged.

Hello friends, this is my design for the "tribe steem up" logo contest

Hello friends, this is my design for the "tribe steem up" logo contest. I hope you like it:

This is a screen shot, all individual png files are in the original post.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.35.12 PM.png

Thank you again for one more final entry. Blessings.

Check My Entry @elamental

Tribe Steem Up Design Contest Entry Post By @hungryhustle





Fantastic entry! Great Work!

my 2nd entry

crownmassage.pngcrownmassage (1).png

Nice one thank you!

My 3rd entry

please let me know you have any color code in your mind.

crownmassage (1).png

crownmassage (2).png

Thank you for another entry, blessings!


A popular war time piece - Beethoven's 5th Symphony "dun, dun, dun dunnnn' is the same 3 shorts and 1 long in Morse code's "V" ~ V is the Roman numeral 5 - in 5th order... V is for victory.

These are awesome!

I really admire you hard work and persistence, you have made more entries than anyone! Thank you!

And another one updated in the post too: textgram_1529744848.png

Nice thank you!

We did it! Just in time maybe. We're very proud of the result, here's the post that shows our design process. We hope the tribe likes it! Thanks for the opportunity!

Wow, entries like this will make it very difficult to select a top 5! Great Work!

We're very glad you like it! 😁Thank you!

Oh yea its a good one!

Deadline??? Do we still have chance until the end of the post to submit our entry? (Please say YES) hahaha

Yes of course! Please submit! There will also be an extra day to submit after the entry post pays out so do not rush!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Sounds like a great contest man, I really love what Tribe Steem Up stands for and there core values. I'm not much of a designer myself, but I know @edxserverus makes some epic logos, so I'm gonna tag him here in hopes he enters.

Yes please reach out to him if you can, I want as many talented artists to be a part of this as possible. Thank you buddy!

Based on my calculations it looks like the prizes are already going to be higher than anticipated! I will update with new prize amounts in my next design contest post later this week, after we get a few entries here.

awesome! love it! incentivizing art for the tribe UP! yes!! :) i'll be following this and will try to share it with some of my fav artists here!

Thank you, much appreciated.

#manifest Simplicity is key when complexity is hidden. Tribe Steem Up.png

This contest has been placed in the Steemgigs Contest Channel which has over 5000 members and will be presented in a compilation post on the weekly Talk with Terry Show every Sunday 12:00 AM Manila Time.
I will endeavor to join all contests left there or at least make a small upvote and add on the compilation post.

Steemgigs Contest Channel link

Awesome, thank you for your support!

no problem! I saw that themonkeyzuelans did a logo and I knew they were really good and I tagged them on that contests.

I had others but it seemed they did not submit :(

This comment was made from

Sooo awesome. Can't wait to see the designs... there's some mad skills here on Steemit!!

Agreed, wait till you see the collaborative thing we are making at the end of all the contest! It will be the dopeness!

Great idea! I hope to see some even better logos manifest!

Thank you, I could use some help spreading the word about this.

ok, I've resteemed it.. it CAN be hard to find the right artist for these kinds of things.. but i have faith in Steemit! ;-) i dont know of any really good artists .. hence i made the logos i did

I love your logo bro, its perfect for our online banners. I just want to see more of them, different renditions of original concepts for a logo.

i hear you, and thanks! with 200 of us there are many different tastes .. im sure we cant have enough options really..

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