ATBWQ: - What Does Steem/Hive mean to you?

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"What does Hive/Steem mean to you?" 5.19.20

You mean besides an awesome decentralized conscious space to share, collaborate, integrate, and evolve with other amazing humans and get paid for it? Oh, well then I have made this video to answer this question in detail.

I took a little different approach to the question than most people might. I choose to focus on the word "hive" itself, instead of speaking on what I think about a hive.

I am always one for words and symbols, and am known to be a poet. Therefore my love of the feelings and thoughts sounds, images, and words give me, is just as important as what the words/symbols represent. Afterall, poetic form is valiant in it's natural vivaciousness... if you catch my meaning.


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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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