Tribe Steemup Bi-weekly-Question: If you Had Unlimited Resources What Would You Do For The World?

in tribesteemup •  3 months ago

A cyclone passed by two days ago and in my spare time i discovered Adobe Character Animator. Ive only been using it for a day, but i can see the potential to have Great fun with it!

So to test things out i decided to do a sketch on the Tribesteemup Bi-weekly Question.. This was totally unscripted and just for fun.. but as always there is a moral to the story! Let me know if you enjoy it as I this MAY be just the start of something new!

Something not working here? View it on youtube-


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ah real nice animation @eco-alex, free beer for all, but aside from that I think you hit on some really good points here, heck who needs water with McDonald’s at ever corner, nicely done xx

I use Character Animator for all my puppet videos for a year now and I am loving the program. It has served me well here on Steem.

I know the puppets you used, they are from the CA community, aren't they?


i saw yes! nice pice of software.. i can see i could spend an eternity making puppets.. your steemit puppet was cute! so yes i grabbed those from the superhighway.. there are some nice ones out there.. and they are easy to tweak and play with.. I added a few different logos (including yours!)) to the wizard .. did u spot the embroidered 1up wizard? ;=)

i might do more, probably just pure comedy as i had a lot o fun making this one on a rainy day!


Yes, the changes are really cool. I would love to see this a regular thing with the mage.