Can You Unite the Whole World? (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)

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Unity exists in some terms and is impossible in others


Unity implies a sense of wholeness, of a lack of separation among parts, of there being no real tangible distinction between groups or individuals. On a philosophical level, it is possible to make the argument that the world is already unified on a baseline energetic level. In this way, you could say that the world is unified regardless of individual/societal conflict.

But in terms of applicable human terms, the world is far from unified, thus the reason this question has been posed. We are strongly separated according to many distinctions and categories, such as our race, gender, religion, political beliefs, or simply what sports team we decide to throw our weight behind. It's difficult to foresee a way of unifying the entire world around a set of ideas or shared values.

There are always disagreements among groups despite our inherent shared stake in seeing our species thrive. Separation, whether real or invented, is a primary driver of economic activity, of political control systems, and is fueled by interests that have much to gain from seeing the world fractured instead of unified.

The power of the world lies in our uniqueness as much as it does in our unification


Beliefs, interests, values, ideas, and all of the things that make up a person's core perspective will always be varied along different lines. This shouldn't necessarily be seen as a negative aspect of our world, as a world without diverse perspectives and ideas would eventually crumble under the weight of monotonous boredom, devoid of novelty or evolution. The world needs a certain level of disunification, as long as it isn't violent or harmful to another person's will.

Unity is also not desirable if it is forced upon the population. Under the auspices of peace and justice, unity can be used as a tool to carry out acts which are detrimental to the public. Embracing unity with open arms without proper discernment and critical analysis is a recipe for disaster.

Those who present a vision of idealistic utopias through incessant unification mantras are usually leading the population down a slippery slope to unwitting enslavement. Any kind of unity achieved by humanity must be reached organically, which is a tall task in the face of forces which seek to keep our world infinitely separated amongst itself.

Abundance can bring about harmony, which is more sustainable than unity


I don't think complete unity can ever be achieved for the reasons stated, however, I believe a massive increase in harmony can be reached once basic resources become abundant for all individuals. This is no small task, as the value of something in our economy is currently based on its scarcity.

Free energy sources, distributed in a decentralized manner, can bring about abundance and eventually end most conflicts between humans, most of which exist because of the prevalence of artificial scarcity. While this won't necessarily eliminate all religious or philosophical differences, I believe it would provide the space necessary to realistically coexist.

In short, unity throughout the whole world will not ever be reached, nor should it. But a harmonious environment, catalyzed by abundant resources and nurtured by a willingness to understand one another, is possible and can be realized within our lifetime.


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