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Hello Everyone!!


I am here to give my thoughts and answer on the question What Empower You from @tribesteemup.

What really empower me is the support of the family like a friend.

We all have families and we all loved them and respect. Family are the one who keeps us safe and support us every way they could. So, family is the best and i had the best family too which supported me in my every decision.

Let me tell you shortly, why. Since young age i really didn't wanted to go to school. From Nursery to class five i used be absent many days. I really did hate school at that time but my family had my back all the time and supported me in my journey. They made me understand the importance of study as i won't be here. My family always was with me when i needed. Slowly my interest in school started and after five class i started going school regularly. Slowly i started to improve too in study as i was last student but after class seven i became under top ten student and after that i climbed up upto top three.

So I am here because of my beloved family. I faced many difficulties and my family supported me. My grade and were i am is because of my family. And now i had finished my Matrix and was regarded as smartest child in school.

At the starting when I got to know about cryptocurrency and steemit, i was only 15 years old and was at 8 class. So, i had to take permission from family. I thought they will say no if i told them i will be working on it. But they supported me and said to give your more time in study. And thats how my journey begin in steemit. I couldn't be here without my family as they gave me laptop to work in platform and also made me study. So, family supported in needed on everything. And there is a story that rules makes a child to break the rules.

So, having ten members family support really empowers me and keeps me on going.

Thanks to @bewithbreath to tell e about this question. And Thanks to @tribesteemup for this opportunity.


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Thanks for reading my post.
Hope you liked reading.
Be happy and enjoy life.


Good post bhai. Yes, family is absolutely important in our life and they can impact any decisions we make. 👍🏼

Thank you dai

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Nice that your family supported you all the way, including crypto currencies.

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Yes, they did. I am really thankful. Thanks for dropping by.

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