TribeSteemUp and Tribe1Up, with guest speaker @kennyskitchen [Dabbing with a Mage episode 121]

in tribesteemup •  7 months ago

@TribeSteemUp and @Tribe1Up are invite only auto vote accounts which is aimed at bringing attention to valuable content. In today's episode, @kennyskitchen and I discuss these two accounts and what they are doing exactly.

Join us in The Philoso-Forum to discuss philosophy and the occult arts with likeminded individuals!


PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe : Caste of the Black Sun

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I enjoyed listening to this conversation and am really excited about what is coming up for the community. I also took part in a bit of "mindful consumption" as I watched.

Cheers :)


Yes, the growth of this community has been amazing and the future is exceedingly bright. :)


There's so much on Steem I am not aware of the platform is so vast and more complex. We need a way to share all this too much just get lost in the plethora of post, we need more structure or maybe ways to sort. Or may that's my OCD 💯🐒


The sea of posts is a big deal, and wondering when to post so as not to get lost in that abyss is stressful. There definitely needs to be more structure put to Steemit, but I am not sure of any ideas. Do you have any further thoughts on that?


It needs some sort of selection process where you can maybe select you subjects of interests and authors then get a tab of selected posts according to your requirements. My problem is intermittent OCD somedays I just feel bad as I have not read all my posts for favourite authors. This maybe is more of an addiction I need to overcome, but I relish the interaction with some out there. It does impact on my spiritual practice but that's coming up in a post soon. Who's know, but it need developing taking to the next level. Currently though I have just discovered and am using this, it kinda handy, at least it laid out better. 💯🐒

You are a goofball, and why did you not take my call?! I could have been the first caller on your dab show fool! Great episode though, you want to do an episode with me promoting my album release soon?


Whelp, I was extremely drunk and had not thought of that! Phone in interviews! Great idea, @elamental!

Yes, I would love to do a promotion video for your album release. :) Let's get together soon and do that.


thanks so much for this video, it really has made things a lot clearer for me with regards to tribe1Up, very exciting that all this is happening and yes it will revolutionize the curation process and yes again to 'be mindful to that which you consume' cheers @alchemage


Glad we were able to help clear some things up for you! Cheers @trucklife-family/

Didn't know they were 'invite only'. I've used the hashtag a couple of times on articles I thought may be useful, guess i was wasting both our times. Thanks for clearing that up


If you head to @kennyskitchen's page, you'll find in depth posts that explain much more than we covered here in this video. Hopefully that can help you understand further if you're interested.

Thanks for the overview! I grokked Steems potential right from the get-go and really agree with the point towards the end--Steem is far superior to Bitcoin in what it has to offer.
Keep up the good work!


Steem is far superior to all cryptos, imo! The content backed currency is revolutionary.

Thanks for the compliment! Cheers:)