Shadow Work: Transmuting the Subconscious [Dabbing with a Mage episode 118]

in philosophy •  6 months ago

The Shadow is full of our traumas and unconscious desires which influence our conscious activities. It is important to process this part of our identity in order to be more fully aware of what is acting on our decisions. In today's episode, I briefly discuss what the Shadow is, and what Shadow work is.

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PALPABLE POPE Ypyskypo Skwyrl, the Y'sas
Loser of Found Souls, Temple of Appled Thought
Erisian Ataxia Troupe : Caste of the Black Sun

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Indeed big trauma can be difficult to overcome. Thankfully I have not had big trauma like you. The fact you are talking about it shows some level of shadow work. Nice to see you back and sending you Reiki vibes 💯🐒