5000 for 50!

in tribesteemit •  4 months ago

Sorry it's been so long but I've got good news coming.

I thought I was concluding something big for several months now but loose ends kept popping up that I had to investigate, in addition to working on some other really exciting projects... but I can say confidently I'm very close to realizing completing a work that I think is substantial.

Just yesterday after explaining it in detail to Candice and her concluding that she too thought it was tremendous, I felt a great surge of energy... so much so, I had to knock out 140 push-ups just to bring it down to manageable. Which gave me an idea on revealing it. (I've knocked out another 30 this morning already and don't even feel sore! The fire burns bright!)

My birthday is approaching soon. I'm going to be 50. So I figured I'd demonstrate just how much energy it gives me by pledging to do 5000 push-ups by the time of the announcement, which will also be my 50th birthday party. An average of about 180 push-ups a day. That's about 6 times my average.

Stay tuned... I intend to be giving hints and reporting my progress.

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