Fixed up my Tribe accounts

in #tribeslast year (edited)

I was gifted some more stake in a tribe I'm not too active in voting, so today I decided to go through all my tribe accounts and activate some auto voters, as I don't vote enough content in a day in each tribe to use my power wisely, so I've done the following:


  • Setup votes on authors I like but don't usually vote
  • Trails my votes with the same weight (if tagged steemleo)


  • Trail some neoxian curators, trail some users
  • Trail my votes with the same weight (if tagged neoxian)


  • Trail Curators
  • Trail My Votes (if sportstalk tag present)


  • Trail Curators and a couple people
  • Trail my votes (if realityhubs tag present)


  • Trail Curators
  • Trail my votes if marlians or ulog tag present


  • Trail curators and some users
  • Trail my vote if tagged


  • Trail some curators
  • Trail my vote if tagged

Might as well make good use of these investments, right?
I had noticed that SteemAuto requires each account to have its own SP, so I moved to Rewarding by holger80 ->

Hope this does good for my curation and you enjoy some bonus votes,
~ @cadawg

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I still don't use the tribes as much as I probably should.

I'm thinking of switching to #steem_leo permanently

I only use I think the Leo token has a potential to go up in value quite a bit.

I stick with steempeak, but sometimes I write on Peak and take it to LEO hoping for some extra rewards!


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