Zombie contest (Trial by Comics)

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When I saw the contest with zombies by @kommienezuspadt I felt I should give it a try.

I can't remember ever drawing them but I always been a fan of zombie movies especially the old ones. Watched so many zombie movies and even played in a Zombie Death metal band for years so I really felt the urge to try it although I stopped multiple times expecting too much off myself...and gave up. It's really difficult to draw normal things from this world and more trained in drawing things from other planets.

Than I remembered a planet I visited years ago called "Grrrnfruulperpieplurpeflurrrp". It's a planet with really friendly creatures who kind of look mutilated or deformed but they would think the same about us. When I left years ago after a vacation there was a zombie outbreak just going on so I decided to go back for inspiration.

When walking around I saw this big zombified creature walking around with a small creature who he was eating alive.
I think his name was "Rugnrrrraaarrrghh" but he is not that guy anymore he is a zombie now...and that poor little thing...

Anyway I tried to remember how they looked so I could use it for this contest. Had to ran away myself but I think I capture the setting pretty good.

So here is the result:

This is the fast doodle I made while running for my life:

Here are the progress shots:






Well that was it. Glad to be back on earth it was a bit smelly over there ;)

Hope you like it?



I've never been a big zombie fan, I mean I like them, but in the world of monsters they are not my favourite. But, I love your take on them. Wonderful.

Thank you @donnadavisart! Glad you like this zombie version :D

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I've been to "Grrrnfruulperpieplurpeflurrrp" and I've met "Rugnrrrraaarrrghh". What a small world? :P

Cute story for your bloody zombie... Good Luck on the contest.

Hahaha! Damn it's really a small world...Could you stand the smell? I remember it was better last time. :P

Thank you! :D

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Wow! This is scary, revolting and amazing at the same time! Great work, @sanderjansenart! 😃

Thank you @trincowski it was fun adding all the gore :)

I found this post sitting on the @c-squared blog, just waiting for me to wander into your world! A planetary traveller, isn't that fantastic to have places to go for inspiration and motivation?

I have never been, so these fellows look completely creative to me, a fantastic entry to a contest I have never heard of!

I'm glad you found my world and like the setting! It's really useful for finding inspiration or escaping from the reality. Thank you very much @ecoinstant!

It was my pleasure, I invite you to take me to other worlds any time :)

very cool! good luck with the contest ;-)

Thank you @anouk.nox! It was fun adding all the gore :D

good luck friend take a part to contest may be you be winners!!!!

Thank you I hope so!

Ahhh! It's awesome and totally unique :D
Zombies are so cliche usually, but I'd love to watch these xD

Aww that's really nice of you @kristyglas! Thank you :D

Good entry friend. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you!

Hey, just checking out a couple of my favorite entries from the Trial by Comics post. This was another I smiled at. It was because I liked the baby zombie, the one that’s about to be eaten? Hehe.

Death zombie metal band? That would have been a great comic too! :)

Thank you very much @linnyplant! Glad it made you smile :D Poor baby wasn't so lucky...

Haha yes we created songs about zombies with titles as "Rotten but not forgotten..." etc :D

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