Lyci the zombie original

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Lyci is the name I gave my character, she was not always a zombie, she was an ordinary girl with dreams but she had a family whose tastes were experiments, without thinking that one of them would go wrong.
Her family considered her a very calm child and excluded from her family, so they decided that it would be her next experiment turning her into a zombie. Since then, he has created an army to take revenge on each of them.

Design process


Lyci the zombie original



Rest of the drawing step 2

Lyci lurking


End of drawing


Special thanks to @kommienezuspadt for the opportunity it gives to participate in its competitions and open a window to give free rein to the imagination.

Entry 1


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Great entry, it looks a lot like The Walking Dead magazines. With Michonne. Good luck in the contest.

thank you very much!! a hug