Trial By Comics Entry: Zombie

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Here's my entry for @kommienezuspadt 's trial by comics contest. This week's theme is zombies. Personally, I'm not a fan of zombies but I thought I'd give it a try.
-This was the pose I chose. The face didn't exactly come out the way the template showed it.
-Did a simple trace over and added some details. Decided that I want his arm to be cut off.
-Added a shirt.
-Gave it some hair.
-Did the base colors.
-Added some details to the base coloring.

The finished piece is at the top. I was thinking it would look scarier if I darken the top part of his head and then made his eyes glow. And that's all.


Good entry friend. Eyes say I'm ready to kill. Good luck in the contest.

Good entry friend. Eyes
Say I'm ready to kill. Good
Luck in the contest.

                 - cain1914

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