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The story

Caterina was visiting her mum, somewhere in the Italian Toscana. It was her first year in the Politecnico di Milano. She was very interested in Riemann’s Geometry and had heard about a new professor who blended mathematics and art, something impossible in these modern times. But Caterina was a revolutionary and loved peculiar people, well, weird people, ok, alien kind of people.

Her mum was only interested in Caterina’s economy and future husband.

Caterina had been dating a boy during the last semester. He was not Italian, he did not come from a wealthy family, had never been seen in Monza races. Her boyfriend was a Russian outsider, with a IQ of 240. His mind just worked at higher RPM.

Her mummy didn't like Caterina’s boyfriend.

One evening, she pushed Caterina to reveal her relationship with her boyfriend and was interested in NSFW details. It was almost an interrogatory under psychological torture. Caterina couldn't find the way to get rid from her family and their obsolete way of thinking.

Caterina's mum had only known a man in his life, her husband. They hated each other since they got married and only shared 20 minutes together during lunch time. She had been educated in an elite nun’s school.

Caterina almost started crying after her mother's last sentence: I love you, baby.
She went to bed.

During the night, Caterina had a nightmare. Recently, she had been watching with her boyfriend Night of the Living Dead

The nightmare

zombie contest dissolve 3.jpg

The process

I first start an ink sketch in my golden sketch book. (Yeah, this is a golden one, because every time I start a drawing it finishes succesfully)


I was drawing a girl, didn't know she was going to be Kathy. Scrawly asked me this morning if I was going to participate in the contest. Oh! no, no, I would like but I have so much work, and I guess the competition is going to be very hard- I answered.
The walking deads, somehow, entered in my mind during my chat with @Scrawly.
When I finished sketching the girl, I knew she was Kathy and I realized that I was going to participate in the contest. I also realized that my other projects would be delayed, sine dien
So I completed the scene. Young girl escaping from zombies, mmm, this can work. People always escape from zombies, I have seen in Michael Jackson thriller clip

Then I wanted to draw something in the balcony.

mmm.. zombies.. Do they rape women before eating them? I don´t know.. But is going to be a funny gesture sketch, anyway.

And here is the complete sketch sequence.

step by step.jpg

Then I started photoshop to add some colors. I put the line art just in the top of the layers stack so I can easily color shapes without struggling with the borders.
Having each layer for each feature or character it is also a good practice.

And that's it! It has been a pleasure participating in this contest, I had a lot of fun!

Thank's for reading and have a good time!


It's nice to see the step by step until the final picture, which has an old school colouring style.
Good luck with the competition.

Interesting story, and the inking and shading is well done! Good step by step, also, Javier! Good luck in the competition~

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Really amazing!
Specially loved the creation process! 👏👏👏

The flat colors look so good with your linework!

I think zombies just eat the brains.

But they are very scary nonetheless! I find that different contests here on steem motivate me to do different things than I might normally do. Keep up the good work!

Wao friend great history and even better graphics. I really liked your ticket. I think you've exceeded mine. It's pretty good Photoshop unfortunately will not be used. Good luck in the contest.

I was actually anticipating a hair raising story about the nightmare! Sad there was none....Lovely post though...and your drawing was captivating.

hey, @javier.dejuan.

I really like how this turned out. I also like the different touches like the turtle and the spider-man spider. :) It had a definite feel of imminent and impending doom. I guess it's a good thing this is all a nightmare.

Well, real zombies are not really my thing. But in a dream context is where everything is possible and nightmares can be really really distressing. Once my nephew told me he couldn't that he could not smoke because he had dreamed that the fingers of his hands had turned into snakes. I said. woaaouu, that's an incredible idea for an illustration :))
So, I decided to link the zombie theme to a nightmare, result is more credible.
thank you @glenalbrethsen!

I like the the concept and the execution. Zombies in real life are kind of a leap for me, too, but as you say, putting them into the context of a dream works. And you certainly need to connect with your own art and imagination. If it doesn't work for you, how can work for anyone else.

I bet you drew your nephew's dream, too. :)