ART Bloody zombie terror

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Greetings to the community of steemit,

This is new entry for the drawing contest. "#Trial by Comics" Theme: "zombie" organized by @kommienezuspadt, si deseas unirte sigue las reglas entrando acá:


Drawing a very bloody zombie boy since his desire is to feed on human and they love being bathed in blood, it was a very funny subject I wanted to prepare a second entry but for the short time I'll settle for this. Enjoy it, I attach images of the process using a cardboard, black and red pen.


Process Work



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Good entry. Good luck in the contest.

Very nice. I like the style, and the hat. It gives the zombie character, as a call back to the boy it once was. Having the hand reaching out at us was a good call too. No need for other people in the drawing to bring about a sense of suspense and horror. We're the next victim! Watch out! Run! :)