" Infected cemetery"/ Trial by Comics "Zombies"

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Greetings Friends of Steemit!

This is my entry to the contest Trial by Comics "Zombies" Organized by @kommienezuspadt

I was inspired by how varied the time the Zombies came up before it was Halloween night and now they focus on illness or even radiation, that is why I made a cemetery with radiation or an infected living dead that would cause this rare disease.

Drawing process

First step

Make the sketch


Second step

Make the edges with extra-thin marker and black pen


Third step

I started coloring the headstones



Fourth step

Color the Zombie girl with various shades of green and yellow, the dress in violet, the wounds and the brains with pink and red. The grass with dark brown dark green; the tree with light brown and dark; the sky dark blue and gray.






Presentation of the Drawing


Copyright @ akarantain- All rights reserved


Thank you to the entire Steemit Community for your support!



Horrorosamente Bella!!!!!

Gracias mi amigo!!!

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I didn't know a woman who was still a zombie could still be sexy. Good luck in the contest.

Thanks! if it tried it would look even sexy

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Te quedo super bien

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te quedó demasiado brutaaal

Muchas Gracias por el apoyo!!!

siempre a tu orden

te quedo muy bien, como todo lo que tu haces

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excelente dibujo, ese color verde esta bien, le da el color zombie, te felicito amiga

Gracias amigo jejeje!!!!

very good under ground