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RE: Trezor Hack - Devices Are NOT SECURE - Private Key Can Be Extracted At Startup

in #trezor4 years ago

I never understood why people want to put the virtual money again in a physical shape. Wasn't it the goal of bitcoin to get rid of physical money in the first place? Just use a paper wallet with BIP38 encryption and go on.


Just use a paper wallet with BIP38 encryption and go on.

By far simplest and safest way to keep money on blockchain.

I never understood why people think that their virtual money will be safer with some company's con-trap-tion which will “guarantee” safety. Ridiculous.

Its always something too, once you think your coins are safe BOOM some shit like this comes out.

Paper is just about as physical a shape as a hardware wallet, IMO, and easier to lose.

The name is paperwallet you can just keep it digital in many copies in your private emails, google drive and SD cards.

Yeah keep your private key in your "private" mails and on your "private" google drive ROFL! You deserve to get your coins stolen for sure.

El dinero "virtual" no se pone de forma "fisica" al usar un hadware Wallet. Los hadware wallet nunca almacenan bitcoin o criptos, lo que almacenan en la semilla con la que firmamos las transacciones.

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